Lightning Flashes

Lightning flashed.

I don't like thunderstorms and I especially don't like them in the convertible. Well, not the storm IN the convertible, but me in the convertible with the storm outside it. I'm riding to Rhode Island with my husband to meet up with our daughter who is driving up from PA today. My husband will go to work and I will drive back home with her and the baby, so she only has to drive halfway by herself. Her husband will come up in a couple of days..

Her cousin, my niece, is getting married this Saturday, so any last minute fixes and photos she will help with.

On a tight budget, my niece enlisted the help of her sister to do the wedding photography. All was wonderful until the sister realized she, being the maid of honor, was going to have to be in many of those photos she had to take.

So my daughter said if only she had a good camera, she could learn how to do the wedding photography.


I said, "Guess what? I have one of those good cameras. I have a Canon Evolt with an extra lens. It's a digital SLR."
"What is wrong with our family?"
"What do you mean?"
"That we think we can do something that we've never tried before? And that we want to do it."

I don't know. But I know what she means. We all love trying new things and proving that we can, at least at some level, do them!

When My husband and I got married, I made my gown, my veil and my candles. I made our handwritten invitations. And my soon to be husband and I decorated our wedding cake. I had never done any of those things before, nor have I since. My brother took the photos. He was in the Coast Guard, he was not and is not a photographer. We all had a wonderful time and our pictures came out great!

My daughter has had my camera for 10 days. She's downloaded the manual, studied creative wedding photos online, saved lists of "required" photo poses, and has some artistic poses in mind She's a wedding photographer now.
I'm not sure it's something wrong with her.

Oh, yea! The storm's over. I can look up again.


  1. And there you are with those 'lightning flashes' again, Donna. I never liked those storms in Missouri, & they are very few here in Colorado. I don't miss them. This is such a family story, people helping out however they are able. I know it'll be a wonderful wedding & the smiles will be even more relaxed with those you love taking the pics. Have a great week!

  2. I think this is great--you are a family that lets nothing stand in their way. Now if you could bottle that, it would be great to have in the classroom!

  3. "That we think we can do something that we've never tried before? And that we want to do it."
    Now that's a family to emulate ... you must have many stories of adventures together, of learning and doing all sorts of wonderful things. How fun!

  4. haha i love it--there are other folks out there like my family---we all just dive into things to--sometimes it's a hit, sometimes.....but we go for it!

  5. When I think of people in Maine, I visualize very self-reliant and resilient. Your slice has reinforced those thoughts. What a great time you will have at this wedding! The bonus is getting the time with that grandbaby.

  6. I think it's great that you and your husband have instilled a "can-do" attitude in your family. I don't think there's anything wrong with that! :)

  7. We just had a real whopper where I live yesterday, what a wind! Well it's good that you and yours aren't afraid to try new things, that's how we learn. My Dad was my wedding photographer, did a great job and we had a blast.


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