Unwritten Thoughts

Sometimes when you are reading other people's material, and you make a connection . . .
like, "yeah, that's totally happened to me",
or  "hey, I'm with you on that one, dude". . .
but you never wrote it down . . .

Unwritten thoughts
Spilled and are lost
All for the want of my pen

Gone to the wind
Float to the sky
Never my musing again

Someday they will
Drift back to earth
Finding some other like soul

With pen in hand
They’ll scribe those thoughts
Claiming a notion they stole

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  1. I like that 'gone to the wind, float to the sky', & then bye-bye! You're so right-happens just like this. Happy New Year, Donna!

  2. Love it--happens to me all the time. And this is reason number 47 why I now keep a writer's notebook with me at ALL times!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. my wife caught me writing in a notebook last night.
    "what are you doing writing with a PEN?!" she said.
    "it was closer than my computer," i said
    "your computer is fifteen feet away."
    "yes, but i was afraid i'd lose my thoughts between here and there."

    100% true conversation. and i fully believe i would have lost the entire energy of that entire SHORT STORY i wrote in one sitting if i'd had to get the computer, boot it up, open a fresh file, before i could begin writing. you gotta claim those thoughts while you can!

  4. And I also wonder about all the faces I've looked into in all the crowds I've swarmed in. Are those faces written in my memory (and mine in theirs) in some knowable and accessible way? Could I remember them all if I knew how?


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