Thursday, December 1, 2011

Best Friends

I was cleaning today and found this poem I'd written in 2008.
I remember feeling this way as a kid.  I had a few "best friends", depending on the day and the situation - what I felt like playing that day, where I was in the neighborhood, who had come to my house...
As a teacher, at recess duty, I always tried to imagine myself at play again with the imagination and enthusiasm of these charges that are "off duty" from the classroom.   I treasure the glimpses into their world.

Swinging, sliding,
Playing tag with a friend,
Laughing and racing
Every day without end.
Best friends forever,
I looks like we might
Be best friends forever.
Who cares if we fight?
The next day we're back
To share a new day
Ride on our bikes and
Run off to play.
Best friends forever,
It's our goal to be
Best friends forever
Just you, you and me!

Oct. 21, 2008


  1. I like this, Donna. It captures kids so well, especially those first three lines. I like the flow of them.

  2. It was such fun, wasn't it, to be with your friend, to make up games or play the same old one, to have those 'best' friends. You wrote the essence well, 'to share a new off to play'.

  3. Your poem brought back memories of school friends long ago. I still remember their names.


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