Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Child

A new child
Untold tale
Nothing’s been scribed
Or erased

Tabula rasa
A blank slate
Nothing’s been etched
Or traced
Beginning now
No regrets
Nothing’s been tried
Or tossed

Newness of life
Fresh new start
Nothing’s been won
Or lost

Life beginning
Script to come
Everything’s planned
And known

Guided soul
From the start
Something once hidden
Now shown


  1. Another beautiful idea, Donna! Every word is so lovingly chosen, and those final words of each verse are great. I especially like 'Something once hidden/Now shown". I hope you're keeping all these for the baby to read when older. You will help him to love poetry too.

  2. Very sweet! Did you invent this form? I like it.

  3. @Tabatha
    Thanks, and yes, I guess I did invent it. Maybe I should name it!

  4. This so beautiful, Donna. Love the rhythm.

  5. What a precious gift from a Nonnie! I loved your post about the quilt too!

  6. Love the connection of the new child and the new writer's notebook!


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