Wow!  Day 25 at Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge 2015!  Go there to read some very interesting blogs...maybe get an idea or two for your own writing - like I did!

First:   I am finally just now putting my link up that I worked on last night.  This morning - no WIFI!  I started and restarted everything in the house except maybe the coffeemaker!  Finally, for no apparent reason, it is again working.  Must hurry though - who knows when the WI-"FI-airy" will be back! 
I was scooting to the bottom of the TWT page to post my link when I saw "jarhartz on said:
A slice of no wifi– 91 words -2 pictures- 2 devices – embracingly 2 hour post"
and HAD to check it out!  I just spent 2 hours trying to post, too!

Now the slice:
Yesterday's post had a poem that was taken from an idea gleaned from reading a SOLC blogger, and today I am doing it again - only not a poem.  I am posting my comment that I made on Books and Bassetts.  She had told about parallel parking at the veterinarian's clinic, and how she actually did it!  I was excited last week about doing the same thing and had really planned on writing about it before now.  Her post was a wonderful reminder to write about it.

Last Tuesday, I was meeting a friend at a bakery where we have tea and a sweet before a meeting at school.  Typically I will keep on going until I find a space where I can just slip in easily, no one in front of me or no one in back.  It's on a fairly steep hill and a one way section that isn't very wide.  I don't like to parallel park in the first place, so like I said, I keep going until I can find an easy place to park.  Mind you, too far away and you have a steep hill to walk back up to get to the bakery...  Another drawback to parallel parking too close to the bakery is that everyone by the windows can sit there eating and watching how well you accomplish the parking.

But for some reason, on this day, this space looked large enough.  Perhaps I'd had enough coffee earlier in the day and felt especially awake and alert.  I glanced at the windows and couldn't see anyone watching.  I decided to do it.  Parallel park.  On a busy street.  Right in front of windows.  Between parked cars...albeit they had left a nice roomy space.

I snugged up close to the car in front, pulling up alongside it, but not too far forward, cranked the wheels and put it in reverse...slowly, but not too slowly because I'd be holding up traffic if it didn't work, I backed up and in toward the curb.  I could see that I was not going to hit the car in front of me as I swung the nose in AND I was not going to hit the curb with my rims...Whooo-hooo!  I tucked 'er in and put 'er in park.  Then I confidently took the key out and hopped out.

Before locking the door (I guess I wasn't THAT confident), I went to the sidewalk and looked at how close I had gotten, almost expecting to see 2 feet between my tires and the curb.  But no!  I was about 10 inches or less and even to the curb.  Yipes!  I'd done it!  I'd parallel parked - something I've been too nervous to do for years.

I did it perfectly and I was so excited I got out and took a PICTURE of my car perfectly positioned between two vehicles and lined up evenly 10 inches from the curb - never even hitting the curb, let alone the other cars!  I didn't even CARE if anyone saw me taking a picture.  Who wouldn't take one?
Ta-dah!  Wicked good job!
Heidi Mordhorst's word for today at My Juicy Little Universe is "snatch", and the puppy and I are working on this NOT happening.  And if it does, at least giving it to me instead of galloping off happily and avoiding me.  If she didn't have something in her mouth she'd be grinning, I'm sure...she thinks it's THAT funny.
Ginger with my LLBean boot...not fetching...
Snatch and Catch

Fish a tissue off her tongue - so many times that song is sung!
Snare a sneaker sneaked away - a never ending game to play!
Snatch my sock out of her teeth - and give it an RIP wreath!

        - This is just the game I play!  Please don’t take this stuff away!

Seize my towel, toss to clean - I don’t think I’m being mean!
Reclaim shirt, and now my boot - somehow they’re all seen as loot!
Confiscate that little screw - tucked in cheek to later chew!

        - I’m okay, I won’t get sick!  It’s really good stuff that I pick!

"Come", now "Sit", and "Drop it,  Pup" - Your "Snatch It" games are all washed up!
Your toys are all here in your bin - choose from here and we’ll both win!
No more snatching things from me - I am catching on to your tricks, see!

        - These toys look good enough it’s true.  But they don’t smell a bit like you!

©Donna JT Smith, 2015


  1. This was fun to read. I was glad to get to see the picture after reading your comment yesterday.

  2. Congratulations on the perfect parallel parking. It is great to celebrate any and all accomplishments.

  3. There are few things in life that are as satisfying as successfully parallel parking. ;-) I'm glad you took the time to write about it and snap that picture! :-) That photo of Ginger should be in an L.L. Bean catalog!

  4. I love that you took a photo! That made me laugh out loud. It is such an accomplishment, though. I live on a one way, city street and I parallel park to the left. Therefore, if I go anywhere else, I am so awkward trying to get into a spot on the right side of the road. It's so embarrassing if others start to watch; I quickly give up. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who delights in a perfect park job. You'd think we were just 16!

  5. And I must say "well done" Donna, funny too. And your pup, busy, busy with all those wonderful things to 'snatch'. They do love to chew, don't they? Glad you got your wifi back.


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