Punch of Sun Day 5

Slice of Life: Two Writing Teachers
This even looks like the sun!
                                                           A Punch of Sun

                                                      Packing a wallop
                                                          Up in the sky
                                                            Noontime it reaches

Here's hoping for a Punch of Sun soon!
On Wednesday we got 5 more inches (maybe 6) of the white, heavy snowball-making snow.  This was a more typical snow for us on the coast.  It is often very wet snow, not the dry stuff that blows around.
This comes from the warmer (yeah, right!) temperatures off the ocean.  It's hard to believe that it is warmer in the ocean now than sitting in a snowbank, but it is.
These snows now will melt more quickly even without the actual warmer temperatures.  The sun is out longer and it's higher in the sky, so shining more directly onto that irritatingly cold and white particulate matter that is now one huge lump of snowcone crystals.
One of my favorite things to do in spring is to find a stray patch of leftover snow, break it apart and scatter it to quicken its melting.  Obliteration as inspiration...now there's a poem idea...Maybe next Sunday!

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  1. We here in Tennessee got a "dusting" (3" here, 12" in other spots) of that powdery snow you mentioned. I am hoping for a PUNCH of sun this afternoon. My son is getting married in May and his fiancé is traveling here for a party this weekend - hopefully. Come on sun! I can't imagine the amount of snow you have received this year. Your picture shows hope for Spring to come.

    1. That's a pretty decent dusting for TN. When my daughter went to college in Nashville, she taught some of the students there how to go sledding on trays! It's been an amazing winter here. There have been some decent melting days. Mud season is going to be horrid though!

  2. Today our sun is just the wallop we need to melt away yesterday's frozen precipitation. I don't want to be around for your mud season, ugh!

    1. It is going to be interesting when the snow melts and the frost is just coming up out of the ground. That ice makes a floor inches/feet below the layer of mud! Country home dwellers need high waterproof mud boots to make it from car to house.

  3. Love your acrostic! I lived in New Hampshire for four years in the mid nineties. I was stunned by the snow- in Colorado it snows for a day or two, then stops and melts and you have a few days of blue sky. In New Hampshire, once it started to snow, it stayed until April, when the mud came, and after that the black flies! I loved that area, but yikes!

    1. It's all about trade-offs, I guess! I hate black flies and mosquitoes but love salt air and seagulls.


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