Saturday, March 21, 2015


It's Saturday! Here's a piece of fresh toast and a retoasted slice from the past...the retoast is from my first year of doing the March SOL, Monday, March 21, 2011 - exactly 4 years ago today!  I enjoyed writing poetry even in the first year of Slicing!

This has some ending in CH words in it (cinch and Grinch)!  Heidi Mordhorst will be happy even though she doesn't have a ch word for today.

But then I had to go and write an acrostic for CRUNCH today.  I couldn't go with only a used poem.  I needed a fresh one - short, but fresh!


Candy coated chocolate
Raked up leaves in fall
Underfoot eyeglasses
Naughty pup's chewed wall
Crystallized snow eating
Hammered finger's squall.
©Donna JT Smith, 2015

I think crunch came to me from stepping on my reading glasses yesterday.  There's nothing good about the sound of eyeglasses underfoot!  Fortunately, they will still work. I did not crunch the lenses, only rearranged the frame a bit.  It's a good thing I buy these off the rack in the drugstore!
Oh,'s snowing again, as I look out my kitchen window there are flakes drifting down ever so softly.  Trying to lull me into enjoying them.  "Hey, look at us, we could be the last ones you see until fall.  No...really!  We could be.  Enjoy us!  You liked the first ones.  Why not us?"

The retoast is below:
Here's the poem and my added comment about it when asked by a commenter:

My comments on it: 
I was sitting in my classroom after everyone had gone. Decided to blog in the quiet, waiting for the snow to stop so I could head home. I started to write about the clutter that was in the room...then characters from books started getting onto the page. (We just finished Ramona, the Pest) I don't know, they all just started to bounce around out there, and I let them make their list, and it just happened.
We'd also read Mouse and the Motorcycle, Mr. Popper's Penguins, and a variety of fairy tales this year in first grade. I just started to think about all the characters we'd met in our room, and characters we've yet to meet.
BTW, the snow didn't stop.
Characters Schmaracters
Riding Hood and
Little Bear and
Fox in Sox

Big Bad Wolf
Frog and Morris
Three Little Pigs,
Toad and Boris,

Dr. Desoto
Green Wilma the Frog
Hedgie, Mole and
Clifford the Dog,

Mr. Popper,
Winnie the Pooh,
Horton and Who,

Babar, Sal,
Stuart Little,
Pippi Longstocking,
Dr. Doolittle,

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle,
Charlotte and Heidi,
Mary Poppins,
Bean and Ivy

Curious George
and the Man,
Ramona, Beezus,
Peter Pan

Peter Rabbit,
Lorax, Ferdinand,
Tarzan, Boy,

Ralph S. Mouse,
and Sylvester,
Lilly, Arthur,
and Alexander.

For Strega Nona
And Stellaluna
I found no rhymes
Except Charlie Tuna.

And don't you know 
I really wish
I'd found a rhyme 
For Rainbow Fish

...wait a minute...

Strega Nona,
Spoon and Dish
Rainbow Fish!

There I did it;
That was a cinch.
I rhymed my list,
Except for Grinch.

©Donna JT Smith, 2011


  1. I love the characters poem!!! What a great list and an awesome way to recap the reading you did that year!!

  2. It would have taken me a week to write that poem. I love that you've been doing this for 4 years now. I'm working on having a writing streak that follows suit!

    1. The time goes by pretty quickly! Just keep writing!

  3. Crunch, be it glasses or snow or that poor finger, is a powerful sound. You thought of a great diversity of examples. Thanks!

    1. Here's hoping for no crunching of fingers!

  4. I love the idea of going back, re-reading and re-working some wonderful old posts. I did that during the December holidays this year...wonderful poem - you are gifted!

    1. Thanks, Anita1 I like going back every once in a while and see what I was doing on a particular's a great online diary!

  5. I really like the idea of revisiting a past slice and then adding a new one two it. Love both poems. I have never walked on my glasses, but I have sat on them. They didn't make a sound. Guess I have too much padding.

    1. I sat on my expensive pair once and broke them. Now I'm wearing readers off a store rack. Much cheaper to replace!

  6. Love seeing that you wrote a poem in that first post. I guess I should go back to see what I did. There is a group of us who all started together, and still going! The poems are great, sorry about the glasses. I buy them at the drugstore too!

    1. Amazing how many started the year we did. I wasn't sure who was new and who was a "seasoned slicer" at the time.

  7. I love both poems and the re-toast with all the characters. Very clever.

  8. The character poem - delightful! Definitely going to try this with my students.

  9. What a great idea to revisit an old post, and add to it. Great poetry - love the feel of them.

    1. It is fun to look back. Glad you enjoyed the poems.

  10. I'm glad you re-visited a previously toasted poem, otherwise I would have never seen it and I think it is brilliant. I love that I know every character you included.

    1. I should look up some newer characters, too, and see what could be put together.

  11. What a treat to look back. Loved both of your poems!

    1. Thanks, Beverley! So glad you liked them1

  12. Congratulations for writing for four years! Your poem is very whimisical.

  13. Oh I would be in tears if I stepped on my glasses, as they are not from the drugstore! Love your A-crunch-stic as well as your character poem. Reading aloud everyday is one of the things I miss the most about having my own class.

    1. I miss reading aloud each day now too, being retired. But I do at least volunteer once a week for a couple of hours to read with second graders...gotta keep reading!


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