Rhinoceroses and Mother Goose

May Day is Save the Rhino Day and Mother Goose Day.   Did you know that there are no nursery rhymes about rhinoceroses?  There aren't any fairy tales either.  Maybe someone should write one. 

Hickory chicory dee,
The rhino climbed a tree;
He began to frown
'Cause he couldn't get down,
Hickory chicory dee.



  1. Okay, you put me to shame. I didn't write yet today-took care of my granddaughter instead-I guess you could say she is my poem. Fun rhyme to think about, in all the repercussions. Rhinos are so alarming to see, and I guess dangerous. Did you see the post at "Wild Rose Reader" today? She has quite a lot about fractured nursery rhymes and fairy tales. You should send her yours!

  2. @teacherdance
    No, didn't catch Wild Rose Reader...love to fracture fairy tales and rhymes. I'll have to check it out. Thanks! Busy day, almost didn't post either... but I got a new iPad so I wrote in the car while my husband drove us home from church tonight! That isn't cheating, right?

  3. Oh, I'm envious! I went to an IPad & IPod Touch training last week with our tech person & there is 'so' much to do with them. Would you like the page about educational apps I received? No, not cheating at all. I'm looking forward to having one, maybe this summer.

  4. @teacherdance
    I don't know if we're anywhere near having iPods or iPads for students, but i'd certainly like seeing what the apps are. Thanks!
    I'm really enjoying it.


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