Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eat a Hoagie on May 5!

Today is National Hoagie Day!

Ode to a Sandwich

I want to have a sandwich
One that has the works
I don't want one with mustard
Nor one where mayo lurks.

Just give me a good ole' Hoagie
With olives and make sure it's oiled
I want it with cheese and salami
Not chicken nor beef nor eggs boiled

Start with a layer of lettuce
Add to it sliced red tomato
Next come green peppers and onion
Stack them neatly all in a row

Tuck it into a nice big soft roll
And wrap in white paper complete
With a sticker that will hold it together
Until you are ready to eat.
The Hoagie was born in Philadelphia back sometime between 1914 and 1939.  In 1992 it was declared the "Official Sandwich of Philadelphia".
A Hoagie is made on an 8 inch roll and has lettuce and provolone cheese instead of American, but the rest of the sandwich is quite close to a Maine Italian sandwich.

Here in Maine it would be translated into Italian Day.  We don't eat Hoagies in Maine.  We eat Italians.  Italian sandwiches.
And despite the name, there is no pasta in it, nor is there tomato sauce.  No lettuce, no mayo.
The Italian was originally made by Giovanni Amato, back in 1903.  The foot long soft roll is host to sliced ham or salami, American cheese, tomato, green pepper, onions, pickles, black olives, salt, pepper and olive oil.  And typically is rolled in a waxed white butcher paper.  You have to eat it in the paper, carefully unwrapping it, as it is pretty messy due to the oil.  But it is so, good!

I have not had either sandwich today.
I am celebrating it by having pb&j on toast for breakfast
and corn on the cob & pork chops for supper.
I really could have used a half a Hoagie for lunch though.

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  1. So-I want to tell you that I am reading this before dinner & we may change our plans. We're supposed to eat Mexican, but... Anyway, a good poem, with good rhyme that fits your description of an 'Italian' well. No mayo or mustard, right? I especially like the way you started.


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