Monday, May 9, 2011

Lost Sock Memorial Day is May 9

Even the school is not safe from single sockedness - 2 mismatched from  L & F.

I have so many single socks.  They drive me crazy.  I try to buy all the same kind and lots at the same time, so I can't possibly have singles for a long time.  The washer used to be blamed, but I have a different style now, and it is impossible for socks to get through those small drain holes in the sides of the machine.  Neither can the new dryer be to blame.

My dog, being a Golden Retriever, loves to fetch socks.  She's always finding socks, sometimes pulling them out of a shoe they might be tucked into.  She'll even reach up on the bed and fetch a pair of clean socks to bring to me if she can.  She isn't to blame for the AWOL socks.  She doesn't eat them, she simply rearranges them and gives them to me.

I'm thinking there must be aliens out there that have either one, three or five feet who are abducting socks in the odd numbers.  That is the only thing I can come up with that makes sense.

So today, set aside a few moments to remember the socks that have gone on before their mate.  They will be fondly remembered, as we search through our drawers for matching pairs.  Coming across "sole survivors", we will continue to hastily tuck them safely away again, reassuring each that their partners will someday return...though we know it hardly ever works out that way.  Aliens never return socks.


  1. My husband subscribes to your thinking. He buys all the same kind and color of socks just so his sorting when they come out of the dryer is easier! And if Chloe happens to get ahold of one, well, there will always be a mate to it.

  2. It's simply amazing, those lost socks. I have cleaned out the sock drawer completely & never found the mate to some of the socks. Where do they go? They aren't behind the drier either. The alien idea is good, but not quite reasonable. I love the 'sole' survivor.


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