Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Wear Purple for Peace Day - A Clerihew for Rules

Well, I wore brown and black today.  Very springy.  I like it though.  I like to wear purple, too.  It is a good color for me.  I don't feel like addressing the subject of peace though. 
My last favorite purple thing to wear I tried to iron on low (I thought), but it melted through on the top left shoulder.  Good thing there was a jacket to go with it.  Otherwise, I would have had nothing to wear for Easter.
When I was a little girl I loved purple and red together, and brown and black.  I was told those colors clashed, didn't go together, were bad, don't do it, people will laugh...
Today I am wearing a brown and black skirt.  I still love purple and red together...and evidently so do others, as I see them together all the time now.  I was ahead of my time.  There were lots of rules I didn't understand, but just followed.  I don't follow them anymore.  I break them whenever I get a chance.  Sometimes I'm breaking them on the inside though, so you won't really notice.

Young Donna Jean
Was never mean
She followed the rule
When she went to school.

Teen Donna Jean
Played the game clean
With inside rebelling
There's naught for yelling

Mom Donna Jean
Would never be seen
Breaking some rule
It wouldn't be cool.

Mrs. Donna Jean
Might slightly lean
Toward rule bending
With retirement pending.

A Clerihew is a comic verse consisting of two couplets and a specific rhyming scheme, 
aabb invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956) at the age of 16.  The poem 
is about/deals with a person/character within the first rhyme.  In most cases, the first 
line names a person, and the second line ends with something that rhymes with the name 
of the person. 

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  1. You just do so well with the structures, & it's good to hear about those rules & the breaking of them. There's just so many it's difficult to keep up, really! I also believe it's a gender thing, too, to be nice & follow along. Hence, your early verses. Also interesting how you moved into rules from purple-minds make funny connections.


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