Tuesday, May 31, 2011

National Speak in Full Sentences Day and Macaroon Day

a full sentence?
like that's gonna happen!
macaroon anyone?

My Rhyming Sentence Poem with Macaroons

Chairs are for seating.
People are for meeting.
Babies are for bouncing.
Skirts are for flouncing.

Pillows are for sleeping.
Teabags are for steeping.
Fingers are for snapping.
Hands are for clapping.

Hats are for wearing.
Eyes are for staring.
Houses are for living.
Hearts are for giving.
Kites are for flying.
Washes are for drying.
Poems are for writing.
Mac'roons are for biting.

I like macaroons. The recipe seems quite simple, so they might be fun to make some sometime.
However, these cookies are really quite fatty and sweet...isn't everything that tastes good?
Find out more about macaroons here.


  1. The nicest rhymes for sweetest things. Macaroons dipped in dark chocolate are yummy too!

  2. I love macaroons! I had no idea there was a day for them. Yum! Clever poem.

  3. If only I liked coconut, perhaps I would enjoy macaroons. Regardless, what a fun poem!

  4. So lets all load our mouths with macaroons and speak in full sentences - that would be the best way to celebrate!

  5. Full sentences? That can be a challenge. I loved your rhyming poem!


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