Dump Date Day

Saturday is Dump Date Day. First the dump, then breakfast out somewhere, then anything else that strikes our fancy. I'm hanging out at Starbucks with my husband and our iPads presently.
It's my second day of retirement. Another couple was at the table beside ours with their iPad. They were our age and began doing a FaceTime with their daughter in DC who was just starting breakfast with their granddaughter who will be a year old on August 11. We chatted about our situations and how great it was to be able to see the grandchildren and how they'd seen her first steps quite by accident just then! How remarkable and wonderful! I'm so anticipating being able to keep tabs on our grandchild's life from too far a distance.

I fixed my dog's leash this morning... A sure sign that I'm retired! That's been bugging me for some time. I've looked into buying a new leash but couldn't find the right one. The retractible leash was fraying about 18 inches from the handle so it wouldn't retract all the way and it was getting weak in that spot. So this morning I looked at it closely and said to myself "Hey, it's broken anyway, let's see if you can fix it". And it was easy. It's just a tad shorter now. Now that I'm retired I'm getting inspired to do different things. I may even cook again. We'll see.

I want to get back to writing too. I've not had the energy to write for so long. Writing end of year reports and filing and all the whatnots that happen when you end the school year and retire kind of take it out of you. But I almost have my room all packed up, and I'm almost done taking my personal belongings home. One more day at school should do it!

Then what will I do? Good question. I'm sure something will make itself known. I'm starting to get refreshed already. I'm writing...that's a good start. Anyone need a leash fixed?


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