Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Robin Clogyrnach

When I heard the name of this form of poetry over at Joy Acey's Poetry for Kids Joy (Thanks, Joy!), I knew I needed to find out more about it, and give it a go.  I found it's description and pronunciation here:
Clogyrnach (clog-ir-nach) has 6 lines.  It's syllables and rhyme pattern are:
8a-8a-5b-5b-3b-3a.  The last two lines may be combined into one line, but the rhyming/syllable pattern must remain intact.

Robin Clogyrnach

When sun comes crawling o'er the hill,
All ears alert to robin's trill;
Shining eyes flicker,
Heartbeat comes quicker,
Worm picker
Statue still.

 ©Donna JT Smith, 2015

I'm disappointed to have to tell you that I wrote this from memory - memory of past spring mornings when the robins were here.  They will be again, soon, I'm sure.
UPDATE!!!  This morning there were two big robins on the back bit of woods by the stream hunting worms!  They were even walking through the water to get to the soft soil where the hunting was easier!  IT WILL BE SPRING!

If they were to come back now, they'd have nothing but frozen worm sticks to eat.  I think the osprey are eating frozen fish sticks...
Have a wonderful Sunday...hoping to hear some worm pickers soon!


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