Sunday, April 19, 2015

Poetry: A Color on the Tongue

This is an "extra" poem, not a part of the AtoZ Challenge or any other poem group.  The phrase "a color on the tongue" came to me while reading another blog way at the beginning of the month, or maybe last month.  It wasn't exactly this phrasing, and I don't remember what the actual phrase was or the blogger who had it on their site, but something about it resonated with me and I jotted down the phrase.  It has been fermenting (?) ever since, and I have jotted down parts of it ever since.  It is quite unlike the way I work on poems, in that it did not just come in one sitting.  I have returned to it a number of times and changed its wording and structure.  Today I added the last stanza, and edited the first one (it used to be the last).  And I changed a few words to now make it have a rhyme, which it didn't at first - at all.  But when the first stanza (that used to be last) came to me, I wrote the real last one and returned to the poem to see what else could be changed.  At another sitting, at some point, I realized though I'd said the word "color" there were really only vague references to color in a few spots, so that was changed.  I'm not sure if it is done yet.  But it is for today.

My meaning for the poem was, that in my opinion, poetry should be attainable to all.  If it is too obscure or personal, then it is not for public consumption.
It's like a child who knows how to sound out words reading "Gone With the Wind".  Yup.  Got all the words right.  Any idea what it was about?  No?
It's like me or almost anyone reading a textbook on nuclear physics.  Did you enjoy it?  Can you now apply it to your own life?  No and no.
I want to read, understand and enjoy poetry.  Sad and depressing are not enjoyable to me.  Sorry.  I want uplifting.  I want understandable.  Some hard words are okay...I like learning new things.  I don't even mind crying through a poem - just not as a steady diet.  Nine happy to one sad is about my acceptable ratio.

poetry: a color on the tongue

color on my tongue,
flavor for my ears,
music to my eyes,
still smiling through my tears -
still weeping through the cheers:

poetry attainable
a treasure
a pleasure
...twisting on my tongue
......not just for one

purple passions of the heart
as universal
as communal
...a common story
......a haunting glory

silvery faceted diamond
of prismatic tessellations
of crystalline creations
... refracting bows
......shimmering shows

shadowy tinted mirror
for faces
for places
...reflecting commotions
......echoing emotions

honey rose rays
of sheltering
of sweltering
...enveloping twists
......evaporating mists

poems in living color
colors on the tongue
in a myriad of flavors
as artists' colors flung,
so poets' songs are sung.

©Donna JT Smith, 2015


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