Friday, February 24, 2012

Thanks for this Moment

Thank you Diana at One Literacy Coach for my inspiration today...actually yesterday, but I'd already posted.  It was a quiet rainy morning, and I relaxed and had my coffee, my cat, my dog, my book and a quiet house with a nice fire going in the woodstove.  Could a moment in time be better?

Maybe with chocolate.
But that's for another post.

I'm thankful this moment
For this daily slice
I treasure this minute
So cozy and nice.
As rain hits the rooftop
It patters o'erhead
The dog sleeps so soundly;
The embers glow red.
Its warmth stops the cat
He finishes cleaning
It's time for a nap
For curling, not preening.
So I curl up too
My coffee mug steaming
Reading my book
And so close to dreaming
I'm thankful this moment
For a quiet retreat
This moment of time
When all feels complete.

Be happy I didn't end it this I was tempted...

The quiet surrounds
Thanks for the moment.
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a rodent.

Thanks, MsMac, for hosting Poetry Friday today.


  1. So-was it just too cozy to end that way? Ha, ha, very funny. By now I believe that the rodents are all nestled somewhere else. When we find them in the garage, it's usually in the fall when the nights get cold & they move in. Sounds like a little story, doesn't it? I love the serenity of your poem, sounds so nice Donna & made me feel very good. Thank you!

  2. This poem describes just how I hope today will be for me. It's blowy-white outside, and I plan to curl up just like a cat near the embers of a fire...with a book. (And hopefully no rodents.) a.


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