Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heart to Heartwood

I spent quite a bit of time writing about this picture, only to have it deleted.   I sat down and tried to remember the poem I'd written.   I think I have it all.  I first tried to think of all the rhymes I used and then tried to remember some of the phrasing.  I'm pretty sure I have all but one stanza.  I think there was one more.  But obviously it wasn't important or necessary or I'd remember it, right?  And I've rephrased some of it now, I'm pretty sure.  And this is the way you edit!  No, this is the way you remember to save it as a draft when you are typing it to yourself as an email on your cellphone and stop to check the date.

I took this picture while I was out on my "summer day" at the beach in January.  It's my second roots picture and poem.  I'm seeing a trend here.  I like roots.  I'd best get my camera refocused for a little variety, though.

Its fingers reach up to the sky -
They once caressed the earth;
It floated to its place of rest
Now sand supports its girth.

As smooth seat or a playground,
Old and young will find
It comforts and consoles them,
Their tight souls to unwind

In heart to heartwood talks
A burden that's revealed 
Becomes embedded in its core
And in its rings concealed

The weight of all those cares
Will keep it in this spot
But should it ever drift away
It would not speak my thought.

Donna Smith


  1. I'm late tonight-very busy day! It's neat that you are finding a theme to pursue. The photo is great, especially that you saw this & captured it. And the words 'heart to heartwood' is a beautiful play on words. Thanks, Donna. And additional thanks for the idea for my tagxedo; I made up some laminated cards to say thank you with them next week. I'll let you know what happens!

  2. How frustrating to have your poem deleted! Arg! I'm glad that you were able to reconstruct it. The third stanza is my favorite. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a dramatic photograph! I love the "heart to heartwood talk".....I've had many a moment seated on a tree stump deep in I see them as wasted moments of unnecessary solitude!

    1. This is lovely! My favorite stanza is:

      In heart to heartwood talks
      A burden that's revealed
      Becomes embedded in its core
      And in its rings concealed

      Perfection. Maybe the accidental deletion was exactly what was needed!


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