Thursday, February 23, 2012


President's Day, was a couple of days ago.  I guess it's officially George Washington's birthday that the nation celebrates on President's Day, but it seemed to me, when I was younger, the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln were combined to make Presidents' Day.
In February we celebrate the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (born February 12) and George Washington (born February 22).   When I was a little girl, we had those two days off, even if they were in the middle of the week. Monday holidays had not been invented yet.
Combine two days off in the middle of the week, Valentine's Day, being short by a few days, my brother's birthday and getting to be closer to spring - well, February was quite a wonderful month.
Oh, and sometimes it was a day longer, but still shorter than the other months....Leap Year!
Which it just so happens to be this year.  Wow, an additional day this year.  Will we be able to handle it?
One day it is Groundhog's Day...the next it's the kites of March!

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  1. Time-Gone With The Wind! I like your February meanderings & the tagxedo. It is such fun. I remember too when we had those days off, & no 3 day weekends. Guess we have to be more organized today. We had huge winds yesterday; guess it's a precursor of March.


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