I See

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"Can you find a poem in this photo? If I were to find one, it might be in the woman's stance, or perhaps from an imagined figure in the air above her, or maybe in the folds of that voluminous skirt.
Share your poem, or a link to it, right here in this comment box, so we can easily find it and celebrate each other's words..."   
So I wrote this:

I am still here;
I watch from afar,
I see your loneliness,
I see your scar.
It's still alright;
You can still laugh,
You can still love,
Make whole your half.
Step out of the dark
You'll make your way
There's more for your life
Than you see today.
Did you feel my nudge
As I pushed you to go?
I want you to live.
I want you to grow.
Yes, I will be here
While you are still there;
Step forward knowing
I'll always care.

Donna Smith


  1. I always like the poems when the poet is talking to someone & try to imagine who. I think it's called an apostrophe. This is lovely, Donna, with good rhythm & thoughtfulness with the words. I love those final 4 lines, a mother's lines?

  2. I love the way you really entered into the photograph and imagined this young person, someone who just needed that extra push forward. I use images to write off of, but using a photograph to inspire poetry is something I haven't tried. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem!

  3. Your poem isn't really about the person in the photo, but rather the unseen person she is looking after. That gives it a lovely mysterious quality.


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