Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am on my way up to Gull Haven...

It just dawned on me as I was sitting at the computer, that the dumpster is there, and the walls are being dewalled.  The wrinkles are coming off.  We are getting our blank slate this week!  So I'm getting in the car and heading north a ways and see if I can get some pictures for the Gull Haven blog.  Yippee!

As soon as I get there, I'll add a photo or two to this page and some to Gull Haven from my phone.
Then grocery shopping and maybe some bead shopping just before the groceries.  Wouldn't want ice cream to melt...brb!!
And I am back.  It was a gorgeous February day!  47 degrees and sunny there, although it sprinkled on the way there.  But that's Maine.  There have been times when it is snowing like crazy at our house, and nothing anywhere else...or just the opposite!  Looks funny on the weather map.  Our peninsulas and islands get different weather than a lot of the state.

I went in the house and talked to the man working on the house.  They've filled a dumpster and need to empty it to finish up.  Maybe 3 more days until the walls are opened up.  It was great to hear him say that the house was really well built.  We had hoped that would be the case.  It was a pretty good bet since we bought it from the daughter of the boatbuilder who built it in 1900. 

It was so exciting to smell the fresh air in it.   The walls were holding onto some musty smells from years of being used as storage space.  It was nice to see the sunshine through the walls.  The downstairs windows were opened up to let the breeze through, and it made the view so crystal clear; no viewing through two layers of dirty windows. 
The sky was clearly doing its best to make the water look good!
February 22, 2012

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  1. Oh my, this sounds and looks quite beautiful, Donna. It's great to hear from you again, & about Gull Haven. Every once in a while I remember & wonder what's going on with Donna's house? Thanks for telling about your little trip. And thanks for the nice comment on my post. It is truly a wonderful time that no one wants to be over so quickly (it seems). Happy building!


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