Our Grandson

Meet the newest member of the family; our first grandchild, Felix! What a handsome dude!
He waited to arrive until after our 8 hour drive. We got there at 2 am and he arrived at 4:15 am, weighing in at 7 lb. 3 oz. and standing 20 inches tall... if he could stand.
You know there has to be a poem in here somewhere! Just wait until I get some sleep! I've been up all night.


  1. The baby is coming...
    Hurry up and pack
    The baby is coming...
    Oh the sleep we will lack
    The baby is coming...
    We are on the road
    The baby is coming
    Cannot wait to hold
    The baby is coming...
    Please wait for us
    The baby is coming
    Will it cry and fuss
    The baby is coming...
    We have made our way
    The baby is coming...
    It's Felix birth day!

  2. @wkennedybrown
    Hip-hip! Hooray!

    Thanks for the poem!
    I'm crashing now!

  3. Welcome baby Felix! Congratulations! I know you'll enjoy every moment! He looks wonderful, (& a little shocked-right?).


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