Thursday, August 4, 2011

Waiting for Someone

The house sits alone
Waiting for someone
Who will not come;
A sealed box.
Open it tenderly.
Step quietly
Inside this
Glimpse of
Someone's life:
Clothing missing touches,
Photographs with muted voices,
Chairs dusty and cold,
Books closed and stiff,
Walls with faded, flowered curls.
Each room holding memories
Of someone.
The house sits alone
Waiting for someone
To come
To warm its core
To rekindle life
And love.
We will be
That someone now.


  1. I wondered at first, what was happening, with the 'sealed box'. I love the step quietly, open it tenderly, & thought you'd come across something abandoned & were exploring, but then, surprise again. Are you moving? Did you want something different? It looks wonderful!

  2. I thought the same thing--that you were writing about an abandoned house--nice surprise at the end. All the lines were wonderful--made me want to read and enjoy the quiet of it! Enjoy your new place!

  3. @teacherdance
    Purchase and Sale Agreement is done, now bank and inspections...
    We are looking at renovating and being in full time in no more than 4 years. Lots of work, but a sweet little place across the road from the sea. I am thinking of blogging the whole process, but probably on another blog site. I may want to keep this separate. We are excited and will put up pictures as we get going! Thinking of names for this sweet gem.

  4. That house does look expectant to me! I love the line about photographs with muted voices. Best wishes with this transition.


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