Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smiling On Life

I took this picture of my son and his grandmother at our niece's wedding on Saturday.

Of mine
Once so small
Smiling on life
Caped superhero
Defender of the weak
A sentry, righter of wrongs
“How are you?” I’d ask. “Pretty fine.”
I listened in awe and watched with pride
As he grew into a fine gentleman
Devoted to family and friends
Loving, giving, caring for all
Secure in his convictions
Trustworthy and honest
Life smiles on him, too
Quiet and strong
I smile to
Think of


  1. I love the images of your son throughout his life in this poem, from a young boy to a mature adult. "Life smiles on him" is a great line, it says so much.

  2. So much joy and pride and love are woven into this beautiful poem!

  3. Just beautiful. I like the way you wove that regular dialog in, just showing the sweet interaction between you, & that line "I listened in awe and watched with pride" as the transition, and wraps the lines up above and below together so well.

  4. First, I love the form (the diamond). Second, the words are just beautiful. You captured how much you love him in this gorgeous poem.

  5. Thank you for letting me think of my own sons and who they are. This post inspires me.

  6. Beautiful! I felt the pride that you have in the amazing man you've raised. I'm sure that he'll be touched when you share it with him.

  7. "I smile to think of him" Love that ending.

  8. I love the image of the "caped superhero." Sons are special. I agree with Stacey, love the diamond shape of your poem.


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