Thistles by the Sea

Thistles by the Sea

Braving fog that's coming in
Thistles by the sea
Fog hovers o'er the sea and land
And settles in on me.

Surging in to shore
Comes a misty roll
It overtakes my being
And reaches to my soul.

Don your bright sou'wester
Breathe deep the salty air
As foggy day approaches
To dampen tousled hair.

Wafting through the mist
Sounds a distant horn
Moans within the cloud
All sailors to forewarn.

Tomorrow will dawn brighter
For thistles by the sea
Lifting prickled leaves and head
They'll host a cautious bee.

The sun will kiss the waves
The fog will lift at last
And sailors will go out to sea
Their nets again to cast.

And thistles by the sea
Live on forevermore
Through wind and wave and fog
They'll stand beside the shore.

My grandparents were "Thistles", as was I.  They came here by ferry from Newfoundland just after they had their first child.  My grandfather was a seal hunter, sent out at the age of 10 or 13 to work on a seal boat; a fisherman and a lobsterman.  The Thistles have always lived by the sea.  And that is what this poem is really about.
I took the picture of the thistles at the edge of the sea, near our (hopefully) new/old cottage...which we are in the process of buying.


  1. Really like this poem--and the picture of your cottage! Hope all works out!

  2. It's so exciting to think you might have that wonderful place. It looks like something out of a story. As always, I love the rhythm of your poetry, and the stories you manage to tell in such a short burst of words. Stanza three is so good, "don your bright sou-wester . . .' Best wishes!

  3. Thistles are such an oxymoron...they say, "touch me...I am beautiful but if you do you will feel my prickle." The sea is that way time blue and sparkly and then next gray and angry. I like how you married them.

  4. Wonderful poem, filled with depth and images. Enjoy the cottage!

  5. I love the poem and its imagery. I especially liked your connection between thistles and your family.

  6. One more thing-I know your grandbaby is due soon, but not when. I wondered if you'd tell me when? I've certainly had you in my thoughts during this time, too!

  7. @teacherdance
    Tomorrow is my daughter's official "due date", so we've kind of put that as the day we can start anticipating. She has the car seat in the car as of today!


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