Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday on Wednesday

As promised yesterday, when I shared pictures from Memorial Day at the ocean side, here are Wednesday's pictures taken on my way home from tutoring.  Actually, I kept driving just a little bit, past my house, in order to get to the beach.  I'm so grateful for the phone's camera.  It really does do a good job with photos and video.

It was a gorgeous spring day with very few other humans out there.  I love coming out here between seasons: when the snow has left and the tourists have not yet arrived, and when the tourists have left but the snow has not yet arrived.  They are both times when the wind is very present though.  I'm posting a video also, but the wind was pretty wild up on the ledge.  So good luck hearing the crash of waves!  It was hard to record wave noises, I could barely hear the waves and gulls myself!

Speaking of gulls, I tried unsuccessfully to get a video of some soaring.  They seem to enjoy gliding on the wind currents.  One looked like it was trying to touch the top of a spruce, though they certainly don't roost in trees, it looked like he was trying to get something and kept being blown back from the top.  Who knows? He may have dropped a prize mussel in it, missing the rocks he was trying to hit.

When tourists come from inland states, it must be amazing to see the ocean for the first time.  I remember vaguely this being my first view of the Atlantic Ocean at 6 years old.  It's the first time you get to experience the feeling of seeing forever (aside from looking up at the sky), and it truly is awesome EVERY time you see it.

Oh, don't get too close to the edge of the water here...sometimes the waves are a bit unpredictable - at least to us humans, as I'm sure they know what they are doing at all times.  And yes, the rocks do get slippery.  And yes, people have been swept off them as they are concentrating on their camera viewfinder.  So proceed at your own risk.


I also love the view through the scrubby spruce on top of the ledge, overlooking the islands, because of the variety in colors and surface textures.

I love looking out as far as I can see and imagining where my eyes could see if I could see around the curve of the earth.  I like to imagine how deep the ocean goes, and what it would look like if there were no water there.

Here's my view of Forever!
Pretty soon the beach roses will be out adding to the view and HEAVENLY smells!

And here is my "found" poem from (in blue, forward and backward - a tidal poem) the post today:

waves trying to touch -
the amazing
experience -
close to the edge
overlooking -
close to the edge
feeling -
the amazing
waves, trying to touch


  1. Gorgeous photos! Having lived the vast majority of my life in land-locked Colorado, I'm always captivated by the ocean. When I was in high school I performed with an area youth orchestra. One year our director organized a tour for us through the Rotary club in New Zealand. It was mostly an excuse to take a vacation in New Zealand, since we weren't really good enough to warrant a tour - and taking stringed instruments half way around the globe from an arid climate to a humid one... well, let's just say it didn't help our intonation any!

    At any rate, on one of our first days there, we were all loaded on a tour bus and they were taking us somewhere, when suddenly we went around a corner and saw the ocean spread out before us. The vast majority of the kids on that bus had never seen the ocean before and an audible gasp was heard as everybody scrambled to the windows on that side. The poor bus driver was utterly and totally confused - he thought there was some sort of an accident or something! He couldn't conceive of having never seen the ocean! Anyhow, we talked him into pulling over and letting all of us run out and play in the water for a few minutes - I think it was the highlight of the tour! :-)

  2. Nice to see again, Donna, especially the sounds.

    1. It's one of my favorite spots and my favorite time of year to be there. Second favorite, fall!


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