Wednesday, May 20, 2015

No Longer Will I Take For Granted

No Longer Will I Take For Granted

No longer will I take for granted
The sparkling of the seas,
The faces of my grandchildren,
The shivering of leaves;
No longer will I look at them
And not quiver at their worth;
I will not take for granted
Any thing upon this earth.
Green shard of unmown grass,
Brittle crooked branch of tree,
Spun words woven into story
Read with child upon my knee;
I will not skim through my days
Just seeing only parts;
I hope to peer more deeply
Into all life's inner hearts.
I will not lightly just assume
All things will still be there
So surely I will someday
Have some time to think and stare
At all the beauty, all the bold,
All the colors wrapping;
Now's the hour to take it in,
No life should be spent napping.
Awake and take no thing for granted -
To stay this way forever -
For in a twinkling things can change
And always becomes never.

©Donna JT Smith, 2015

Oooh, I almost forgot - my scissors poem is on Michelle H. Barnes' Today's Little Ditty, written in response to Nikki Grimes challenge to try a wordplay exercise this month.
Thanks, Michelle for posting it!


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