Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for Lords Redemption Center

This is the Largely Languid and Luxuriously Lovely beyond belief A-to-Z April 2015 Challenge!!!!  And I am an A to Z Participant.  And it is Day 12, Letter L!

Again this year I am writing a poem a day to celebrate National Poetry Month.  It's my FOURTH YEAR in a ROW of writing a poem a day for the A to Z Challenge. My theme this year, is signs I've photographed and poems to go with them.

This photo was taken a few years ago on our way through a small town in Maine.  We stopped to eat across the road from this place.  I couldn't help but laugh at the sign, and of course, it was too good a photo to pass up even before knowing I'd do this as an A to Z theme.
Evidently, there is redemption available through the Lord in this place.  Though "Keep Out" seems a little intimidating, the Coke sign seems to be friendly enough.  Redemption is free and available to all who seek it, but maybe someone peeks through the window to see if you are okay to be redeemed here.  The "Keep Out" sign would seem to indicate that there is at least something you need to do before just entering in.  I kind of pictured a redemption center as more of a church like place.  But, fact of the matter is, the Lord truly is everywhere.

The Lord's Redemption Center

I thought that the Lord's redemption center
would look a bit more like a church,
But this sign says, you are at the right place;
you needn’t continue your search.
It's not as complicated as it seems
to get your ticket to glory:
Coca-Cola in hand, ignore 'Keep Out',
take heed of the old, old story.
Come as you are, you are welcome indeed,
repent of your poorly spent youth;
And when you’re redeemed with ticket in hand
you’ll be shown the glorious truth.
I thought that the Lord’s redemption center
would be a much fancier place
But the best place and time is here and now
to receive redemption through grace.

©Donna JT Smith, 2015

The Clogyrnach bug has struck another blogger, MaryLou, and she has written one inspired by my post for today!  Way cool!
Go visit her today at The BOMB!


  1. I'm with you. I would expect the Lords Redemption Center to be more church like. But God seems to have different ideas. He frequently uses the unassuming, the ones lacking in strength, or courage. But He takes them, changes them, and works through them to bring glory and honor to Himself. I love that you get it--that redemption IS now and it IS a free gift (not something we can be good enough for something we can work for. Thanks for the post. And the reminder.

    1. Happy you stopped by again today! I visited your site and saw your new clogyrnach(es?) I'm pleased that this poem put you in a Clogyrmaching mood and that you wrote another! I'm adding a link to your site this morning, so people can visit from here easily, too.

  2. I love that picture...too funny with the Keep Out sign on it. Liked your poem too.

    I'm just stopping by on the A to Z challenge. Keep it up!

  3. What a great catch (photo) and capture (poem), Donna! Coke and redemption, one-stop shopping.

  4. The Lords Redemption Center proved to be a stroke of luck for you.
    It also has a hint of "A river runs through it."


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