Lurch Season

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We still have plenty of snow on the ground, but the signs of spring are sprouting everywhere.  Our frost heave season, that precedes the pot hole season, that precedes the mud season is upon us.  Talk about lurching.  Goodness, coming home last night from town we came out the back way from the shopping center on one of the newer roads.  The dip was enough to lose your car in.

There should have been a sign there that said "Stop. Look ahead and down. If there are enough cars piled up in this hole to proceed safely, do so.  If not, please pull ahead slowly into the hole and kindly let others use your car to get across."
I guess that was too much to write.  Hence, no sign.
The roads are untextable right now.  Auto correct can't even discern what in the world you could have meant.  You would think "auto" correct would mean it was good for riding in the car, but it isn't.

Sometimes I want to just sent the text "as is"...
It gets to be pretty funny.
 "Web aye windstorm there"
Any ideas as to what that was.
It was not a pirate talking about the weather.
It was "We are almost there."
Yeah, that's close.

In Lurch Season

I felt the car lurch down and up -
my fingers slid on screen;
Before I knew it I had sent
"we avenue u mean."

I tried to say "where have you been?"
but words and letters jumbled;
The text all scrambled in this way
would indicate I'd mumbled.

Frost heaves right before the spring
are in-road roller coasters;
Instead of "Warning: Bump Ahead"
we need "No-Text Zone" posters.

For passengers in Lurch Season
"no texting" rules apply  -
My last text said "one oust pro"
Could you tell "I brought pie"?

©Donna JT Smith, 2015
ThinkKid Think March Madness Poetry
Two Writing Teachers, Slice of Life Challenge, 2015
My Juicy Little Universe: Lurch  Thanks, Heidi, for yesterday's music!  It made my day!


  1. This is the time when I , as well as so many others around here, drive as if we have had too much to drink. I often wonder what this weaving pattern would look like from above. It might mad an interesting pattern. I think the worse is after a rain when the holes are full and you don't know how deep they are until you accidentally hit one. Teeth jarring!

    1. Yeah, they can do damage to the car...and your body!

  2. Road crews will never be idle in your neck of the woods. This is an annoying hazard of the winter wearing away the paths man has built. Good thing you look before hitting send.

    1. Ha! I have missed a few! And I get ??? as a reply!

  3. this made me laugh, and yet...there's nothing funny about what you folks up in Maine have had to endure this winter.

  4. I am weaving all over, not a good thing. I hope no police car sees & think I've just had too much to drink. That may also apply to auto-correct. . . Great poem, & I loved your MM poem, too. Last time I looked, you were close!


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