Sunday, February 15, 2015

Might Not Be Able to Go to Church Today

It's a blustery, blizzardy day today, and we could not make the trip in to church.  But that did not prevent us from reading devotions.  First thing this morning I wrote a bit of a thought, too.  So if you can't make it to church today either, don't forget to take it to God.

God in Me or I in God

When I stand alone
I am surprised
that I do not always remember
to muster with prayer
and awaken my spirit to
the Spirit of God
For it is then that He fills
and floods my insides
welling up
expanding until there is no more room
and He seeps out
flowing through pores,
an Invisible River
of Goodness and Peace
He surrounds me,
encompasses me
hedges me
with his Power and Comfort
until every fiber
every molecule
every atom of my being
is comforted,
by His presence
and I am In Him
as He is In Me; 
And that is how 
I know
will be.


  1. "And that is how I know heave will be." - Amen!

    1. Happy to see you today! We actually did get to evening church...driving through lots of blowing snow and freezing temperatures. Arrived safe and sound both directions!

  2. Love these assuring and encouraging words - all so TRUE! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Ooh. This is beautiful! And I love how you brought church to you, even when you couldn't go to church. It feels perfect.


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