Okay, so I was not going to have a OLW - One Little Word - this year.  But I've read so many posts about it that I almost can't not do it.  So here's my word... it just came to me as I started this post:
So how is that inspirational?  I'm glad you asked that question.

TRIM - taking off the extra
Take away extra pounds,
Extra words,
Extra stuff in my life,
Extra stuff in my house, and
Extra sugar, salt, fat in foods.

TRIM - adding extras
Adorn, embellish, beautify

So I'm going to trim things down and add some fancy extras.  Doesn't that sound interesting?
Before I do something, I guess I'll have to ask myself, What kind of trimming are you doing here?
In writing, am I trimming by adding fancy stuff or trimming by taking out the unnecessary?
In my closet, I can trim by taking out the stuff I don't use, and adding that hook on the door to hang up bathrobes.

I don't know.  Maybe it won't work that well.  But I am intrigued by the possibilities of having it as my focus.


It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out in real life.  And yes, trig and minify are real words, even though minify keeps getting a red "you aren't spelling a real word" line warning under it, and I'm sure it's just letting me do trig because of trigonometry...

There are other meanings out there that I will be using as well.  Like trim the sails and trim an airplane and trim the ship.  I will be seeking a balance as I clean out the clutter, reduce my weight and add needed adornments and embellishments!  It will work in my writing as well as my daily life.

So let's give it a go.  First step is to give my self some kind of a daily reminder to use my word.

Wallpaper on my devices.  A card for the refrigerator.  A spot on the side of my blog.   I think I just got an idea.  When I have it done, I will show you.  Wait.  How can you "think" you "just got" an idea?  Trim that.  "I have an idea!"   
It's working already!


  1. Fascinating word. Most important that it is personal. Your explanation makes sense. Your word reminds me of some advice Gretchen Rubin (http://www.gretchenrubin.com) gives, like "don't get organized, get rid" or "one-minute rule." Have fun with the word.

    1. "Get rid" is a good definition for my "trim". I already know "get organized" doesn't work for me!

  2. You chose a great word. I wondered if minify was a real word or not. Ha ha.

  3. Sounds like your unusual choice for a OLW is the perfect choice for you! Heck, discovering the word "minify" is like hitting the jackpot all by itself. I love how you will be exploring the multiple meanings while, at the same time, incorporating them into your everyday life.

    1. I hope it's not too broad. Ha. That's kind of funny now that I read it. Trim... too broad.
      But anyway, yes, to find minify (to lessen, decrease) and trig (meaning smart looking, trim, neat) were certainly worth the trip to trim.

  4. I mean
    I can't be limited to just a word.

    1. Good save! There must be a good comeback for the first statement. I just can't think of it.

  5. This is very tongue-in-cheek, but I promise to take you seriously if the word indeed does what you say, trim 'down', trim 'up'. And BTW, I need to hang one of those hooks in the bathroom too-I look when I'm there, have the hooks too, but… And I need to trim some of the things from my 'to-do' list instead of adding to it!

  6. This word could definitely work to my benefit OR to my detriment!

  7. I love the double meaing of TRIM - both taking away and embellishing - which I had never thought of before! I am still waiting for my OLW to show itself to me.


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