January Thaw

It's Poetry Friday!  Yea!  A day for poems to ring in my ears!
If you head on over to Keri's place at Keri Recommends, you, too, can enjoy poetry all day today.  And while you are there have a cookie and sing Happy Birthday to her!

After low, low temperatures - actually so low they owed us some degrees - now it is above freezing and raining and the 2+ feet of snow we had is nowhere to be seen in some spots.  I can feel the mud dragging my tires into ruts in our driveway.  Never fear.  The snow and cold will be back.  This happens in January a lot.  Just warning those who haven't lived here long enough to know this little seasonal trick that January likes to play on the unsuspecting.

January thaw
The ice melts
And gives a taste of spring - it
Isn't over
Don't be fooled
By this fickle thing - it
Waits around for
The right time
To get more snow and fling it.

©Donna JT Smith 2014


  1. Perfect poem for today! It's gorgeous out, most of last week's snow has melted, and snow if predicted for the weekend. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster this winter.

  2. Yes, we're back in the warmth again, supposed to be in the fifties this weekend. Our snowiest month is March, when (sometimes) we really get it! You've taken the message and warned us well!

  3. Glad you're getting a break from frigid temps and snow. January has always been our snowiest month, so we're bound to get more. Sigh.

  4. I like the playfulness of the poem -- both in style and message. (I had a hard time typing that because my lovebird won't get off the keyboard! The hazards of working at home...)

  5. I'm with Tabatha, I love the playfulness... especially that last line. SNOWBALL FIGHT!

  6. Perfect rhyme for the tone of this poem. I'm glad you're keeping a sense of humor, Donna.

  7. Yes...winter is still very much with us, as your playful poem reminds us.

  8. I hope the trickery subsides and your spring arrives on time. Nothing worse than a snowy May. =)

  9. Love your rhymes! Very Kay Ryan-esque! I want to learn to be creative like that, so you are now officially one of my teachers!


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