Back and Forth

It's Slice of Life, Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers.  What's happening in your life?  Here's a slice of mine; let's share!

I tried this poetry because of our recently moved in cat and a lyric that I used in a comment on Average Poet a couple of days ago.  The lyrics were from the song "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" by Chicago.  I had never really seen the lyrics written out, and only then did I realize that the chorus had a back and forth type conversation - really two sets of lyrics alternating or with parts inserted.  So I decided to try it - kind of like it, but with rhymes alternating.  Can you see what I was doing?

"I can still see you."  "No, you can't."  "Uh, yes, I think I can."

                              Come take a peek
                                         Let's see what it's got
                              Go on and seek
                                         There's a spot
                              A spot of your own
                                         For sitting upon
                              To rest your bones
                                         There’s a bed
                              Beyond these doors
                                         To rest my head
                              Our house is yours -
                                         Where's the bonbon?

                                                     © Donna JT Smith, 2014

On Saturday, Noah, the new cat came home with us.  It's been the most relaxed move and adjustment I think an animal has ever made to new surroundings.  One day he wasn't here, the next day he was, and it was like he'd always been here talking to us.  And he is a talker, too!  I speak, he answers....he speaks, I answer.  He was made for our home.
Loving Pippi!


  1. Love this! It just seems perfect. Happy for Noah and you!

    1. Thanks, Deb! I think I would still be crying if he hadn't taken charge of the household!

  2. So happy that this journey in the past week has ended so beautifully, Donna. He seems a treasure! And I do love the way the poem goes-very cool!

    1. I'm happy, too. We kept waiting to discover what his bad habits were, but none so far. Funny, but after I wrote the poem and mentioned what a talker he was, I realized that the poem made even more sense! I think we may have had that actual dialogue!

  3. What a blessing to find this friend! A perfect fit for you both.

    1. We're so happy he insisted on being our friend!


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