Keeping on Track

I am trying to stay on track with a project I'm doing...
So first I had to get this little boat to keep by my computer as a reminder to stay focused.  It's on my keyboard even as I type.  As long as I don't need the numerals two, three and four, I'm all set.  I guess I should move it a little to the side or middle.

And then I made this cute Tagxedo, to remind me of what it is I'm supposed to be focusing my attention on...

I had to draw the boat shape first.  Then I listed the names, decided on a font, etc., etc., and so forth.
Not sure, but I might be distracting myself from the important task.  I'm going to get right back to it now.
Just have to start the wash.  Oh, right, the paper shredder area needs vacuuming, too.  It was too full when I tried to empty it after shredding paper this morning.  I'll just quickly pop in the den and finish that job.
And then - then you will see work on my project like I have never done - yet.
Is there anyone else in this boat with me?

Oh, no.  A poem just came.  At least it's on topic.

Harbor Spring

It’s time...
One by one they slip back
Into the waters again
Happy greetings abound
Around the harbors
And coves
The docks awaken
To the sound of boots
To the curl of ropes
To the scuff of traps
To the rumble
of men and boats
Activity not
Seen or felt
For the long, deep
cold days
On shores’s time!

©Donna JT Smith, 2013


  1. Should I say, 'get to work'? Nice to see the beginnings, anyway. Best wishes on your project!

  2. This is brilliant! I love your boat theme.


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