Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No Need to Cry Today!

I can see you through this hat!
This is a poem/song, to the tune of "I'm an Old Cow Hand, From the Rio Grande" by Roy Rogers, or by Gene Autry and Mary Lee. (hear the tune by clicking on a link).   An Ode-e-o to my little grandson!

No Need to Cry Today!

I'm a happy guy
Let me tell you why
Every need is met
I don't need to cry.

When my diaper's wet
You can surely bet
That my mom or dad
Will be there to get
This old wet one off
And I'll be all set 
A diaper that's dry, hooray!
A diaper that's dry, hooray!

If all goes as planned,
I will play in sand;
Got a cowboy hat
So I won't get tanned.

When the sun's too hot
There's a shady spot;
If it gets too cold
I get dressed a lot.
If it starts to rain
An umbrella's sought. 
Temperature's fine, hooray!
Temperature's fine, hooray!

I ride a bouncy stroller
It's a real good roller
And I have front teeth,
I don't need a molar.

I don't have a cup
Fill my bottle up;
I love mashed sweet yams
For a real good sup.
I will eat my fill
Till you hear "Bruppp"!
Tummy is full, hooray!
Tummy is full, hooray!

I can roll around
Till I can't be found;
I can stand up straight
Stomping on the ground.

When it's time for napping
I close my eyes,
Then I go to sleep,
You won't hear my cries,
I will snooze for hours,
The time sure flies!
Dreaming of happy days!
Dreaming of happy days!

© 2012, Donna JT Smith

Oh, he is such a happy guy!  He's back home, and I miss him, but he'll visit again really soon...I'm dreaming of more happy days!

Don't try this with Santa Claus!

Happy Birthday, Grampie!!!


  1. When you hum along to this how can you not feel happy:)

  2. Aw-w! Babies are just great, as is your sweet photo & the poem, Donna. I love that he's got everyone at his beck and call, as it should be! And, Happy Birthday to your husband, too!

  3. You are so good with the poem and tunes...what a sweetie. love nanc xo

  4. Oh what fun! And that photograph is priceless....yes, babies rule their worlds!

  5. That's so sweet and fun! Such a cute picture too!

  6. What a great photo! A lucky little guy to have a grandma who writes him songs. :)

  7. Love your slice! I like the "Hooray, hooray" lines because as a mom, I find myself celebrating every single thing my daughter does...even when she takes a poop! :) He's lucky to have you as his granny!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Really sweet and a catchy tune to 'boot' 8-D


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