Saturday, May 7, 2011

Take Your Pick of Lamb, Tuba or Paste!

Today is National Tuba Day, National Paste Up Day AND National Roast Leg of Lamb Day! So take your pick as to which one you would like to celebrate!

The tuba is not going to be easy unless you maybe have a tuba or you have a great record and record player on which to play it (as I'm pretty sure nothing has been recorded in recent years featuring tuba solos or duets on CD).

Paste Up Day I had to check into. My first thought was of the old pastime of eating paste and then perhaps, depending on the volume of paste consumed, of vomiting...hence paste UP.
But of course it is a day to celebrate the ancient art of putting photographs and text on a page and pasting it down...not up...but whatever. Nowadays our computers do this work. But we could celebrate it with a ransom note format pasted card to give for Mother's Day tomorrow or by making signs or just reflecting on how much time we have on our hands now that we don't have to do paste-ups!

Roast Leg of Lamb Day? Well, just go buy one and fire up the grill! I'm sure that's what the Sheep Growers of America had in mind for this.  Imagine if we all decided to take this one seriously today. I'd head to the grocery store early if I were you, just in case!  I'm pretty sure the meat display is going to empty out shortly!

The ultimate celebration today most certainly would be if you were to make flyers with images and text you pasted up, scanned and printed up to strew about the neighborhood, telling them about your leg of lamb roast with live tuba band!  Far out!


  1. I am amazed at what people choose to celebrate! Glad to see you're still working with that tongue-in-cheek style. You made those connections so nicely. Do you believe that a tuba band would really be allowed? Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

  2. I'm sure you'll get some calls from the neighbors who don't attend your celebration, but they should just get in the swing of it and join the parade!
    Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  3. I'm catching up on my blog reading this morning and I have had such fun reading yours! Each one gave me a chuckle. And now I have a new favorite phrase--Hickory chicory dee! That post will stay with me all day!


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