May 3 is Lumpy Rug Day

Whoa, there's nothing worse than a lumpy rug.  I mean, if a hairpiece won't stay down flat then I say...
It's a...a lumpy wha...?
I knew that.
Yes, lumpy rugs are very hard to vacuum.  I don't wear a hairpiece.  I don't know where you got that idea.
You know, when you lie down on a lumpy rug or vacuum a lumpy rug you should be careful that there isn't a dog or cat or even some two year old taking a nap under there.  Maybe that's why it's lumpy.
And again, as with Fire Day, are we celebrating them, enjoying them, going out with binoculars to find a wild lumpy rug, or are we just supposed to decide if we like it or lump it? But whatever you do, don't just sit there like a lump on a rug!
I have NO IDEA why we'd care about lumpy rugs really.  And maybe that's the point.  Maybe it is simply a day to show our disdain for lumpy rugs!


  1. Really? Is it really lumpy rug day? What a funny thing, & piece that you wrote. You've taken it far beyond the norm!

  2. Who thought this up? I love the way your mind wandered through the piece. This is an excellent example of how a quick write might look. One idea hooks on to the next.

  3. I love how your brain works. This piece was humorous, witty, clever...genius.

  4. Silly, lumpy rug! I had a vision of this lump goping from one end to the other! Clever and it was fun! Thanks for sharing! Happy Slicing! :)

  5. Lumpy rugs--never thought about them much, but falling comes to mind when I really think about them! I also think lumpy rugs do stimulate our imaginations--what's under there or how did it become lumpy? Yes, fun.

  6. Wow-- who would have thought. Just saying lumpy rug is fun to say. Your slice was enjoyable.


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