It's Pack Rat Day!

I don't think this has anything to do with putting rodents in boxes.  I don't want to celebrate this day anymore.  I want to be done with being a pack rat. 
The Joy of Less...I just purchased that on Amazon for my iPad.  I am going to read it, and do it.  Stuff is piling up here.  I want to downsize and get rid of stuff. 
Have you noticed how many times I've said I?  How self-centered can you get?  Anyway I digress...

A few years back, my husband and I left to drive his parents home, 5 hours north of here.  It was an overnight trip, and our adult son was going to come stay one night at our house so the cat and dog could be cared for.  We each took a small bag of clothes and our laptops.  The next morning, around 4 am, we got a call from our son.  He was awakened at 2 am as he slept in the loft, by smoke coming from the basement. A TV in our home office had started to burn.  He rescued the animals and called 911, but our log home, suffered extensive smoke/soot damage.  And that was the beginning of our year in a motel.
Our motel suite was made up of two small rooms with a tiny open closet and three drawers to share.
Talk about minimalist. 
But it was fun.  One of the best parts was clean towels every day...or was it that someone else vacuumed each day?  We had very little room for extras.  Our wardrobe was extended a bit by purchasing wisely, things that could be worn together in different combinations.  We learned to get along with less stuff than I had in college.  We learned to appreciate the few things we had, and not to miss the things we didn't have.
It was a freeing experience which we'd hoped to continue when we got back to the house.  We have cleaned out a lot of things.  We brought in a dumpster and hauled things to Goodwill.  Some things that were too badly damaged, we just didn't replace.
But guess what.  We are almost back to square two.  (Square one is where we were when we first got married, and didn't have stuff either.)  So I am going to start shoving stuff out of my square again.  I want to have nothing that I don't need.
Can I do it?
I am going to try to be ruthless! 
That sounds pretty whimpy...people who are ruthless don't say they are going to "try to be ruthless".  They just do it.
I'm going to be ruthless!
I'm pretty sure I will be.


  1. Good luck on this endeavor! (You're making me want to clean my office NOW.)

  2. I will not let my husband read this post! He is always sorting and disposing. I might need this thing in the future. I cannot get rid of it. Good luck to you, but I will continue to enjoy my "stuff" and I know I will need it (someday).

  3. Ending of the year always inspires me to get organized and clean, clean, clean. Please let me know if the book helps, & good luck in your ruthless ways! Have you heard of the 100 thing challenge?

  4. I really admire your desire to pare your stuff down. I went through a phase a year or so ago where I really got rid of lots of stuff and I need to do it again. It feels great! You are inspiring me. :)

  5. Keep saying over and over "I will be ruthless". Good luck. I don't even know where to start with all my stuff.


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