Friday, December 8, 2017

Poetry Friday

The moon is gorgeous tonight. I'm feeling better. So good day all around.

A lemon haiku for today:

lemony moon rose
tonight's journey well crafted
across starry maze

by Donna JT Smith

I had a package from my Winter Exchange in the mail when I returned from PA!  Michelle Kogan sent me a too-cute package which I meant to take a picture of before ripping it open.  It was red tissue with straw raffia ribbon.  I set it aside to take a picture at least with the wrapping, but before I could do that, my cat discovered it and ate half the straw.  Then he threw it up on the basement stairs for me since it didn't settle well he said.  So I didn't get a picture of the wrapping.  It was gross by the time I got to it.

But the insides are still wonderful!

So I took two pictures...

Inside was a small handstitched journal with a beautiful picture by Michelle on the cover.  I am going to have to decide carefully what it is that I want to write in it.  I don't know that it feels enough like a "draft" book!  I may have to save it and carry it around for "fancy lines" that come to  me on the go, or "done deals" that I just want all in one place.  Decisions!
Thank you, Michelle, for the beautiful journal!

And then there is the colorfully illustrated poem, An Ode for a Northeastern Wood Turtle:

My favorite lines:
"If you see me in the wild, take my pic,
draw my portrait, my vivid neck - quick!"
A great warning plea from the turtle...scram!

We have wood turtles around here, and I always feel bad for them as I see them crossing the road.  Most people are pretty careful though and they are slow enough to avoid, so you hardly ever find one hit by a car!  We have local handpainted signs up along the road warning people from away about the turtles.  We even have a welcome turtle who greets visitors to our town.  Many a picture has been taken beside the turtle, who also gets dressed up on occasion for weddings, birthdays and new babies in town!

Thanks, Michelle, for your thoughtful gift, and amazing ode that reminds us of the wood turtle's plight!  Thanks to Tabatha Yeatts for creating and organizing this fun winter sport!

My winter exchange partner will be waiting for a package for just a tiny bit longer... so if you don't have anything yet, it could be me for whom you are waiting!  It's coming! I haven't forgotten!

And on a side note:

I got a copy of the book of poems I wrote for my grandson this Christmas. It needed a few edits, which I did and reordered for him.  He doesn't read my blog, so I'm safe saying it!  I received the book I made for my grand daughter a couple of weeks ago.  Both are books of poems which I hope they will enjoy over the years.  I have made my "photo" book into "trade" versions and ebooks.  The picture books are large, and relatively expensive, so the trade books are the way to go it appears.  The kids got the "photo" books, since they were a special gift.  You can take peek at the book "It's in Our Nature" here, and It's All About the Little Things here. I have to talk with Amazon Kindle and get the ebook for Kindle straightened out, but the iBook transferred just right for my iPad!


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  1. Glad you are zesty again, Donna. And what is it with felines eating ribbons & returning them in a different form. Our ginger cat copies your kitty in that. Michelle's wood turtle watercolor and poem are a delight to read. And I loved my peek at your nature & tiny collections books. Brava!

  2. Love the lemony moon image, enjoyed Michelle's poem and art and peeking at your two books. Lucky grandkids!

  3. GLad you are feeling better (too bad about the cat's experience with the wrapping, thought)! Love that lemony moon. It's been shining bright here this week. Love the two books you made for your grandkids. I've written poems for my daughter on her birthday, and have thought about collecting them into a book for her.

  4. I can so relate to your feelings about Michelle's journal. If something looks special, I do not like to write in it. My writing is too messy! And Michelle's artwork would be lovely! I was turtle-y in love with the picture (cute!) and poem about the wood turtle, too. :)

  5. I always love moon poems, Donna, and yours is special, plus the gift from Michelle is too. The turtle poem appears just right for you in the northeast. New to me, I'm glad to know about that turtle. I created a family 'poem' book a few years ago, so know that your books for the grandchildren will be wonderful for them.

  6. An abundance you have this week, Donna. What a lovely package from Michelle. I have so enjoyed participating in the exchange despite feeling a bit daunted as to what to send! I love that you are feeling better and that the lemony moon can see it. Happy Christmas to you!

  7. Thanks for the story, Donna. I had to laugh about your cat! Michelle's turtle is so adorable. What a lovely gift.

  8. Beautiful haiku Donna, your skies out in Maine are gorgeous. I had the good fortune of seeing the aurora borealis years ago when my son was only four. I had to pick him up and hold him, he was so overwhelmed by it and afraid–while I just wanted to stand there gazing at it forever!

    Thanks for sharing my gift to you, I'm happy you are enjoying it! I would just start writing in it and let whatever words fall out meet the page, enjoy!

    1. It's just so pretty. I think I'll write down my "finished" poems in it and give it to my daughter sometime as a gift.
      Speaking of beautiful skies - we woke our kids up one night and brought them outside in pjs to see the clear sky and bright stars up in northern Maine where there is no light pollution. Grammie wasn't too happy that we woke them, but they still remember it.

  9. How luck you are. What a great gift. I hope you write great poems for the journal. :-)

  10. Donna, Thank you for the lemon haiku. I took a peek at your photo poem books--They are beautiful. What a personal and thoughtful gift. I would like to do something similar with photographs. I will look into the platform you shared. Thank you for sharing, and for the inspiration.

  11. So much goodness in your post -- beautiful gifts *to* you and *from* you, and a starry maze. Thanks for sharing!

  12. What a fun gift...except the one your cat gave you!


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