Pink Glove Wave

First Lost Glove of 2012

Thank you, kind stranger, for posting this glove
And lending a hand to reunite love.

Hey, look over here!
I'm up on this post.
I know you'll be sad,
'Cause you love me the most.

You've just walked away;
Abandoned me, left.
You know I am right;
You'll soon be bereft.

I'll wait right here
While you go and shop;
I'll keep on waving
These fingers flip-flop.

And when you come out
I'll still be right here
And we'll reunite
Right, glovey, my dear?

©Donna JT Smith, December 4, 2012


  1. Love this! This would be a great creative writing activity for my kids. Ode to Lost Things....

  2. This just made me smile! I am trusting this pretty pink is reunited soon. It is great to see what spills out when we stop to notice and ponder.

  3. As much a sign of winter as the first snowfall.
    I agree, what a great writing prompt; and you took that challenge on nicely.

  4. The photograph and the poem made me smile, too. Deb is ri about this being a wonderful writing

  5. You are continually clever with the play on words & the rhythm/rhyme, Donna. This is wonderful, & isn't it great that it's pink!

  6. Donna,
    Thanks for sharing the glove poem-we have tons of lost gloves, mittens, hats, and sweaters in our school-the funny thing that I've noticed -and your poem/picture make me think of is the random way people try to call attention to the lost items-and still no takers...poor things lost-I feel so badly for them!
    I also checked out the link to the other blog post that on the lost gloves-now I will start a collection of pictures of lost items ...
    Thanks for the idea!


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