I Am Sewing

I don't know why I have to make such a big deal of sewing.
I have had this material since my grandson was born.  That will be three months in two days.  And now I am, at last, bravely cutting the material and single-mindedly sewing.

After a few little tweaks...like setting the material all folded up in little squares, then in strips, out on my bed, to see how it might go together; after looking at countless quilting patterns, after downloading quilting apps, after coloring paper strips and piecing them together, after taking everything out and putting it away again about 10 times; and after going to the store and buying ANOTHER larger cutting mat and new rotary cutter,  it just materialized, so to speak.

Two days ago, I came to the realization that I didn't want to put so much work into the quilt that I wouldn't want a baby to use it, and the job became so much easier to start! I began cutting and sewing yesterday.
I am looking at the floor that needs vacuuming, and the laundry that should be started.  I am thinking about the trip to PA, and how my house should be clean when my friend comes to tend to the dog and cat while we spend Thanksgiving with our new family branch that never existed before this year.  But suddenly, I really want him to have this quilt.  I want him to have it for Thanksgiving.

What if something happened to me and he never got a quilt from Nannie?  What if all he got were the pieces of fabric?  Someone else would have to put the pieces together, and then it wouldn't be from my heart and hands to his. 
I have finally started.  Now I have to finish.


  1. Oh my, I had forgotten that you chose that beautiful fabric! (Remember how the ladies thought it wasn't proper for a young baby?) And now it's time to do it for a special person, your first grandchild. I think it's lovely, but even more, that you will have made it for him, from your 'heart and hands'. I hope that you'll print both the posts out to go with the quilt, into a special envelope for years from now! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. This will be a quilt to treasure because of the love it took to make it. I loved your second paragraph with all the afters. Enjoy your time with this new branch of the family.

  3. I remember when you bought the fabric for this! I'm so glad you have made it now. There is no end to house cleaning, it will always be there, but time you can't get back. The quilt is amazing and beautiful!

  4. I love the colors and I love the thoughts you shared about this project.


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