Fine Dining Experience

At a restaurant this morning
We sat down to dine
With mom, dad and baby...
And baby was fine!

Although we had worried
And imagined distress
His first public dining
Was quite a success.

It reminded me though,
As I thought of our son,
Of our first dining venture
Where he came undone.

I ate with one hand
And soothed with the other.
I stood up and rocked
Like every good mother.

I passed him to father,
But that didn't last,
Baby was cranky;
His nap time had passed.

Then strangers appeared
And came to my seat,
And those angels held him
So new parents could eat.

I like how having a grandchild brings back delicious and delightful memories, some of which weren't so delicious or delightful at the time! I wonder if those people at the restaurant still talk about the time they helped out some new parents at a restaurant one day 31 years ago.


  1. I love this! You are such an awesome poet! It remines me of someone but I can't bring it to mind. You brought back memories for me as well! I have a 33 and 31 year old! How about that! So much to share! Here's my crumbs... Enjoy! :o)

  2. @Sprice
    I'm so happy you could connect with it! I'm surprised I could hand my precious bundle off to a stranger. We must have looked as desperate as we fel!.
    My two are 29 and 31 now.

  3. I knew you were going to visit. Sounds like a lovely time along with a sweet memory. Your poem is just the nicest story & perfect rhythm & rhyme! My 'kids' are 40 & 36. Whew!

  4. This post brought back so many memories! I am so grateful for all the kind strangers over the years who helped me out as a harried mother with more babies than hands to manage them with!!


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