Back Seat

Today I'm taking a back seat. For the next 8 hours I'm just sitting in the back seat listening to my two men - father and son - talking about cars, guns, work and other guy stuff. Deep voices back and forth. They don't get to talk like that much. I'm trying to sit quietly in the back seat and let them forget I am here. I don't want them to feel guilty that they aren't including me. I don't want them to include me. It's so comfortable to hear their voices. I feel safe and happy. In my back seat world I'm also texting my daughter about cooking her turkey on Thursday, and about making turkey pie with the leftovers. I'm sending her pictures to keep her updated on where we are in our Thanksgiving pilgrimage. She makes me smile when she says how excited my 3 month old grandson is to see me! We like our senses of humor in our family. It is a comfort to know you don't have to explain that you are joking or explain that what you said really means YOU are excited and that someday he will be when he knows what is going on! I remember as a little girl I sat in the back seat on the way to Nannie's and Gramp's house for Thanksgiving. I'm feeling as happy and excited as I did then! And suddenly I know how excited my grandmother must have been before I knew how exciting it was. The back seat is a good place for listening and thinking. Did I mention that I'm happy?


  1. Your joy and smile came through loud and clear. This will be a wonderful Thanksgiving for your family and you have so much to be thankful for. I loved how your thinking took you back to your childhood, which took me back to mine. So many connections in you writing. Thanks!

  2. How happy you sound. I like that you sit in the back and give the men in your life "guy time" and I totally understand about not making them feel guilty about not including you. Sometimes just being able to listen to them connecting is inclusion enough.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  3. I hope your Thanksgiving is as special as you made it sound through your anticipation. You included all the important parts, just being with your husband and son, and traveling toward the rest of the family as so many of us have in our memories. As Elsie said, you took me back too. I love that you connected your own grandmother to your new role as grandmother. Very special. Happiest of Thanksgiving holidays to you, Donna!


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