Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mall Haul

Not many Transfer Stations have a guarantee of satisfaction like ours does.
We have a wonderful place in our little town transfer station.  Maybe everyone has one, I just haven't visited any other transfer stations.  At any rate, we have a wonderful section called "The Mall" where you can drop off good used items that other people may come and take home.  Like a giant (well, not so giant maybe) yard sale only free.

I have gotten some unique and wonderful items at "The Mall" over the years.  I found some nice Pyrex custard cups; some Melamine dishes my cat eats from; two clear glass punch cups for fancy grandchild dining times; some small, cute, old juice glasses; a tricycle; a child's wooden bench; two Little Tykes chairs; a collapsible play tunnel...and last week I hit the jackpot!  I found some books for beginning readers that must have been just dropped off.  I picked up 50 books!  There were a couple of Biscuit books, a series of animal non-fiction beginning readers, Jan Brett's The Mitten...just so many.

I am working with a beginning reader right now and the local library is woefully short of emergent reader books.  This should help my new reader quite a bit, AND grandson and granddaughter, who are coming up on reading really soon!

Having given away so many of my books I'd acquired when I taught (what was I thinking?), I was overjoyed to have found these.  And the good thing is that when I am finished with them, there will still be some good reading left in them, and they will be returned to "The Mall" to be used by the next up and coming reader in town!


  1. I love places like that. Wish we had one. You won the book "Dear Wandering Wildebeest" written by Irene Latham.
    Please contact me at

    1. I thought I had emailed you but it turns out that I must have selected you from a "no-reply" list that automatically came up and I didn't notice! Sorry I'll try that again! I just resent it! Thanks for letting me know!


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