Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Deer, Chowder and Eyes

Made fish chowder this morning.  I bought a nice piece of haddock yesterday morning and decided I'd have some good hot chowder for lunch today.  The sun is out but it's a bit breezy and cool, so the chowder feels and tastes good on a day like today!

I had a call in to my doctor this morning, but no one has returned it yet.  I guess they are not too concerned anyway.  So I spent some time doing my own research online (insert doctor's wince and eye roll here - but it's their own fault for not calling me back).  What is happening appears to be fairly normal perhaps...or not - but I'm leaning toward the normal.  And with that, I will cautiously wait for the eyelid twitches, the light glare and the plopping rainsplots moving across my eye "windshield" to diminish over time.

I had eyelid twitches for quite a while after the original surgery, and they went away - the twitches, not the eyelids.  Evidently my eyelids don't like people touching them.  I am thinking that the glare may go away, along with the floating rainsplots and hazy clouds that float by when I move my eyes or head (insert "high hopes" here!).

In between all the glares and clouds, there are some really nice views.  I guess if that's the way it is going to be from now on, I will learn to deal with it.  I am, however, praying for improvement.  These clouds are distracting, much like the big cumulus clouds that lumber by in summer, putting you in shadow in the middle of a sunny day!

Long, dull brownish black fur instead of short, shiny reddish brown fur
Between eye cruds I saw a turkey passing through the back yard by my window this morning.  Then a bit later, I caught the motion in the woods of a yearling fawn grazing.  Shortly after that he/she went to the front yard and joined mother and sibling to nibble anything green they could find.  It was a tough winter for them, and they are skinnier and scragglier than I have ever seen a deer in here.  They are usually quite fat and sleek.  I kept the dogs quiet and let the family graze until they moved on of their own accord.  They stayed quite a while.  It will be nice to see them later in the spring and summer when they get rejuvenated!

Got my call back from the doctor - said to try lubricating eye drops as it sounds like a drying of the eye surface... ok.  I will try that.

And the deer wandered off for a bit, but came back.  Noah is keeping his eye on them.  He sees himself as a big game hunter.


  1. I wish I could see a deer from my window. :)

    I've never tried fish chowder. I think I'd have to get it at a restaurant because I'd be skeptical making it myself. But that bowl of chowder does look yummy!

    1. Used to see moose from my window here, but a home was built in their browsing area and they left.
      Chowder is very easy to make. The recipe here ( is probably pretty good. I use most of the same ingredients except that I pan-fry the fish instead of boiling it. Then I have to add water to the evaporated milk when I make the milk base, sometimes adding more regular milk, carrots and celery to the potatoes, onions and fish. Oh, and I've put corn in it, which is kind of a combination fish and corn chowder - very yummy! It's even better the second day. You should try it, but I wouldn't trust it to be very authentic unless you are in Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. It's not supposed to be a "fancied up" chowder with dill, wine, cloves or other such frippery. Very basic is best!


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