Thursday, April 2, 2015

B is for Big Witch

This is the Bright, Bountiful and Breathtakingly Beautiful beyond belief A-to-Z April 2015 Challenge!!!!  And I am an A to Z Participant.  And it is Day 2, Letter B!

Again this year I will be writing a poem a day to celebrate National Poetry Month.  It's my FOURTH YEAR in a ROW of writing a poem a day for the A to Z Challenge. My first year theme was Animals, the second was lobster boat names, and last year was Maine authors.  This year my poems will be paired with photos of signs I've taken the past few years.  Signs have always fascinated me.  Sometimes it's the mistakes on them, sometimes the different ways the language can be taken, and sometimes it's the surroundings that go with it.
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This is not in Maine...I went to Asheville, NC, and this was in the Smokey Mtns.
If you liked "Little Miss Muffet", you will love this Brand-new rendition of that oldie but goodie...actually, it is nothing like it except the rhythm and rhyme pattern.   Oh, and please, overlook the fact that there's an elbow in the picture.  That is my Brother.  I didn't want to crop him out of the picture.  Besides him having the opportunity to be another B word, and to star in a Blog - it's the Best photo he's had taken in years.  He looks so young there.  Maybe it's Because he's Beside those old mountains.

Small Elf and Big Witch

There was a small elf
Who sat on a shelf
Snacking on pudding and tea.
A Big Witch came along,
And hummed a mad song.
"I hope Big Witch overlooks me!"
said he.
He started to shake,
As she started to make
A pot of fairy dust tea.
When she drank from her mug
She turned into a bug
About the size of a bee!
The elf was quite dazed,
and simply amazed
How contrite Big Witch came to be
Her size she had flaunted,
But now could be taunted -
"Oh, please, Big Elf overlook me!"
said she.
She'd come to her senses
And had no defenses;
Would he take heed of her plea?
"Though you're just a bug,
You still need a hug,"
Said elf to the downsized witchy.
His hug was so tight
She was squished out of sight
And her bones joined the fairies in tea,

©Donna JT Smith, 2015

You see, the fairy dust tea was made from the ashes of real fairies.  I just thought of that as I reread it.  And I like that.  That makes her a real threat to a little elf then.  And now he holds the power.  I wonder what he will do?  Oh, rats, I just added an ending to the poem.  Now you know what he did.  Nevermind.

Okay, but what would YOU do if your life's "Big Witch" suddenly Became small and helpless?

I think, if it were I, that I'd ignore the "Little Witch", and go on my Bumbling way.  I might find I'm disappointed in my lack of accomplishments without that Constant Big Challenge in my life, though.  I wonder if I need a Big Witch to make me move.  I could go for a good sand-wich... wait.  It's lunch time!
No sandwich for me -
I'm gluten free;
No bones of fairy
to make any tea...
I think I will glug
Beef broth from a mug;
pour milk I can chug
with bones of that bug.

" ----* "
What?  They don't?  Are you sure?
" ----*
Why are they crunchy then?
" ----* "
" ----* "
Yeah, right, like that's even a Bona fide word.
" ----* "
Well, that just doesn't work.
This is a B page.  Not E.  Anyway, fairies have bones; I KNOW that!
" ---* You can fill in the Blanks."

I am so looking forward to leaving B Behind and Catching up with C.  How about you?


  1. He. As my blog is on cats, the letter C is definitely my favorite in the A to Z challenge.
    I love the witch-sign! I really do like signs, and I’ve never seen a big-witch one. (Uff. Freudian slip?? I wrote “big-bitch” first!)

    You’re really talented; I enjoyed your poem a lot!

    A2Z challenge. Participant number 1449.

  2. I love it. What do you do when someone kills off your Malfoy? I sometimes think that we count on the struggle much more than we are willing to admit.

    1. I think we all need a little struggle!

  3. Thanks for this fun poem. What an novel idea, and how talented you are. I'm also doing A-Z, posting on the theme: "Out of Africa."

    1. Will pop back to your site tomorrow again!

  4. This was a fun poem! I'm with you in just ignoring the witch.

  5. Love that 'said she", "said he", "tee hee", Donna, funny story, rhythm & rhyme. I don't know if I want all the 'big witches" out of my life, but maybe a few!

    1. Funny, but once the "said he" was there, the "said she" had to be. The "tee hee" came after I read it aloud a couple of times.
      Got to have a few big, bad witches to spur us on!

  6. Love love love this one -yes that sign brings lots of interesting musings

    1. There was a "bald" sign, too, but my brother was too much in that picture to crop...and he'd have to take the brunt of the, no.

  7. I think I'd like to have a cup of fairy dust tea. Might be as good as bone broth tea. Haha That is an amazing post. Your poem is fun.

    1. HA!!! I guess we were on the same kind of wavelength today!

  8. Are you as funny in person as you are in writing? I was just giggling along with this post every step of the way!

    I had a B poem, but never managed to get over here and link. I used Jone's double-L B word BULLFROG in my fear poem.



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