Yesterday I debuted Noah's website - I, Noah Cat.  (Get it?  I no-ah cat...I know a cat...clever, right?)  I don't know if I can possibly keep up blogs and life chores, but I'm going to try and do my best.  Mainely Write is my most consistently posted to blog, and hopefully, Noah's will be the same.  Noah doesn't do the typing, so I have to, and that takes time.  It may end up a weekly blog post - like a Feline Friday, or a Meow Shout Monday...something very clever, I'm sure.

If you are so inclined, and don't mind reading a cat's perspective on things, you can go there.  It is not going to be long and drawn out and will hopefully feature some interesting things from his view.  So far he has posts from yesterday and today.

I've also written my take on Laura Purdie Salas' picture with 15 words or less picture prompt.  You should try it if you haven't yet.  It's a challenge and fun!

Tomorrow is Poetry Friday, so stay tuned.  I don't have a poem written yet, unless I steal the one from Noah's blog yesterday.  We'll see what happens between now and then.

Now, for working on "Musicful".  I need to get the notated version to my illustrator, Ethan Russell, who is a local artist.  Haven't heard of him?  I think you will someday.  I hope soon!


  1. It is possible to update multiple blogs, but when I'm very busy, I prioritize which ones to write for. Otherwise, I put more time into blogging than my writing.

    Heading over to your new blog now. :-)

    1. Prioritizing is going to be crucial. I really have more I need/want to do than blog! I just keep finding myself in front of the computer too long!


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