Noah Has Landed - a New Home!

On Friday morning, after having our cat, Purrsee, put down, we went to Pet Quarters on our way to the Humane Society to just look at cats... maybe start the process of thinking about a cat... at least to stop thinking about what had just occurred.
As soon as we walked through the door, we headed to the left where they sometimes have a cage with rescue cats up for adoption.  We could see the cage, but before we got there to read the big "My Name is Noah" sign with a cat's history, we saw this rather large white cat with a gray skullcap lounging on a climbing tower.  I stopped to pat him.  Very friendly.  The same markings as two other cats we'd had in the long ago past.  "This must be the store mascot", I thought. "He's out loose and he is so beautiful and friendly.  I wish he was up for adoption."
We went over to the cage, but there was no cat inside.  I called over to the sales person at the register and asked (in a doubtful voice) if this white cat was Noah, to which she replied, "Yes, it is.  Don't be surprised if he is a bit shy."  But he wasn't.  He was purring and rubbing against my hand.
I asked my husband to pick him up (he was too high and looked like he might be too heavy for me at that angle), so he did.  The sales lady came over and warned that we shouldn't be offended if he wanted to get down.  He didn't usually like being held very long, especially by men.  But he was fine.  He enjoyed the attention again.
We just looked at each other.  What was happening?  Weren't we just looking and leaving? Then we went over to his sign to read up on this cat that was capturing our hearts - this cat who had seemed to pick us when we entered the store.
He was a stray who had tried numerous times to belong to families by hanging out at their house, only to be chased away.  He was finally brought to A Paw in the Door, a cat rescue, where he was brought in dirty, scrawny and with a sore paw.  They cleaned him up, had him checked by the vet, and then put him up for adoption.  He had been at Pet Quarters for a month with no one interested in him.  No one had looked at him, no one had filled out papers, no interest - until we came in.  I knew this was our next cat.  I filled out paperwork right there as he watched from his perch.  I did not know he was watching, but my husband was watching him watching me.
We sadly had to leave him there while the paperwork was checked and vet references were checked.  It would be 24 hours before we would know if we could pick him up.
I could not stay away though, and late in the day, before closing, we went again to Pet Quarters to say good night to him and to take a picture...or two, or three...okay, maybe more.
At the store testing the dog beds.
Wondering if I'm going to keep patting him or let him go back to sleep.
Trying to get back to what he was doing.
On Saturday morning we went out to breakfast with our son, and after breakfast my husband had to go somewhere, so my son and I took a trip to the pet supply store so I could show him the cat we were interested in adopting.  He liked Noah also.  When we entered the store there were 3 clerks in the front who all grinned and said "Hi!", and wanted to know if we'd heard from the rescue person, Joanne, yet.  I said I hadn't yet, we had just come in to say good morning to Noah.
We found him sacked out on bags of dog food in the back area, and he came out to play for a bit when enticed with a feather toy.  I decided to look around and see if there was a toy I could buy sometime later for him, and as I was browsing, my cell phone rang.  It was Joanne saying I could go to the store and pick up Noah.  I'd been approved to adopt this gorgeous guy.  I had to admit to her that I was already at the store to say good morning to him!
Joanne, the adoption consultant, then came to the store to bring me some vet paperwork. A sales person was called to let her know Noah was leaving in case she wanted to come in and say good-bye to Noah.  It was her day off, but she was attached to Noah and wanted to be able to say good-bye before he left.  I'm sure she will fall in love with another cat soon!  We did.
I loved Purrsee, and though at first it felt like it was a betrayal to fall in love with another cat so soon, I don't think it is.  I think it is testimony to the fact that we loved him enough to need another cat to fill the void left by him.
BTW  Our dog, Pippi, and Noah have already touched noses and have agreed that they will become fast friends.  I think Pippi's relieved that Noah doesn't seem to be a Ninja cat, like Purrsee was.  However, the ability to teleport does not seem to be beyond his capabilities.  He had a collar with a bell on it at Pet Quarters.  Now I know why.  He moves around so quietly, and finds the nicest places into which to tuck his not-that-small body.  He seems to just disappear at will.  He isn't really hiding in fright, just seems to be testing spots to see if they work out for him.  I may have to get him a bell, too.  At least for the first few days, so I can learn where his favorite spots are going to be.

Look! He has his feet tucked contentedly underneath himself already!

And he chills well.
Look!  He thinks he owns our bed!  When he comes untucked he gets pretty long.
Welcome, Noah!


  1. I read all the way through with a big smile on my face! How very wonderful, Donna!

    1. He has definitely made us smile, too! Studying his "ways" of being a cat have been fun and a great distraction.

  2. Donna,
    I'm so sorry our Poetry Friday posts shared the same sad experience. I am happy, however, to read this lovely post. Noah seems like a real love. I do hope he helps your heart heal. Losing a dear companion is so hard.
    I've thought long and hard about when the right time is to get another dog. Both my husband and son seem to understand that I need some time before I can think about a new one. I hope that time isn't too far away. We will do as we did for Sydney, and head to our local SPCA to find a pup in need of a home.
    Best wishes for a long and happy life with Noah!

    1. When our dog died, we lost no time in getting another. Personally, I just have to have an animal there, or I'm expecting to see the beloved pet walk in or " do what they do" all the time AND. I dint get used to the lack of pet hair around and question my sanity for wanting another! But everyone has different processing mechanisms for this. My son just got a great dog from a rescue a few months agog. So far I'm really impressed with the rescues. Noah has been a wonderful addition.

  3. Sometimes, animals just know. Our dog was like that. The woman at the human society was amazed at the way she was with us opposed to every other person that had looked at her. They just decide: you're mine, and we have no say in it.

    1. That's what seemed to happen here. We seemed to be selected, and we were powerless to resist.

  4. This is such a great post, Donna. So happy Noah found you just when you needed him!

    1. He just makes us smile. And I think he's smiling, too!

  5. Donna, congratulations on your new kitty. We had a sweet ginger and white tabby once. He'd been one of four rescued brothers. The other three ran when they saw us, but this guy took a liking to our 2-year-old son. It sounds as if Noah chose you just as much as you chose him.

    1. Aren't they incredible? With a 2 year old, the match really has to be there, and your cat knew he would up for the challenge!


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