Monday, July 18, 2011

Reflections on the Hood

We have had incredible sunsets this year in the neighborhood.   Last night I tried to capture the setting sun again as we drove home.  It was a fiery red sun, but the sky was peachy.  The sun peeked through clouds and haze on this muggy evening. 

It was hard to capture, because every time I could see it, things would be in the husband's head, cars passing, telephone poles, trees, guard rails and sun visors.  Then we'd be too low, and I couldn't see the sun at all.  

The best I could do ended up being through the windshield when we finally came around a corner.  It was at last in front of us instead of on the driver's side.  I tried to hold the camera at an angle that would miss our car, so it would give the impression that we weren't driving along....  

I thought I'd captured it sans car, but when I imported it from my iPhone, the Miata's black hood was reflecting the silhouettes and sunset.  Isn't that fun?

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  1. I'm glad you waited. It's an awesome picture, with the car reflection too! Sunsets are the best. We haven't seen one lately-we face east, so see the sunrise instead.


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