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If you are wondering what to do today because you have read all the poems being shared for Poetry Friday, what better way to extend the fun, than to to to Madness! Poetry and read 64 new poems created.  Cast a few votes, or many votes to encourage all the poets who have submitted their creations (under duress!)

I will warn you, it is addicting...and the contest runs through May with new poems created weekly.  You need to stay tuned to get the next round!  Each poet has 36 hours to create a new piece using their given word.  It is not a contest to be taken lightly - however, you kinda have to!

Today at 5 my bout with RJ Clarken closes.  Our word was "suave"!  It is so interesting to see how these words get woven into poems - and to see the strange theme or character occurrences in two battling poems.

I do hope you get on over there - not just for MY sake, but for all the poets and all the poems begging to be read!!

I'm going to put a poem here in just a minute...or we go...done.

An old Squiggle I drew...

Happy Spring!

Run and sing!

Catch a frog!

Jump a log!

Such delight -

Days wax bright!

Warmish breezes!

Summer teases!

Grab a swing -

Raise toes to spring!

by Donna JT Smith, 5/14/2021


Poetry Friday offerings are here with Irene Latham, who is hosting at her blog, Live Your Poem.

Madness!Poetry is here.  My poem is about a couple of roosters...


  1. Donna, this is a sweet poem! I love the quick sounds and happiness! I took a break before I finished this comment and signed up. I see what you mean about the addictive nature! I'm going back now to read some more. I just voted for your rooster poem! So cute!

    1. Oh, thanks, Denise! Glad you liked my spring poem and my rooster poem! There are so many wonderful poems up for votes. Hard choices to make. Enjoy!

  2. i have visited, Donna, & congratulations for your win. I will keep checking in! Love this happy spring poem, too, am very glad that some good weather is here!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I just finished my second poem for "squarish" - worked on and off today and it's due Sunday before midnight.
      I'm happy to have spring here, too! Not looking forward to insects and humidity that's coming...but I'll be in Maine.

  3. Hooray for madness! I have visited...but am on my way over again.

    1. I made it to the next round. New poems go up Monday morning, so hope you get to visit again for the whole new batch.

  4. Happy Spring, Donna! And happy Madness! I am happy to say I voted for your poem - chickens! "what once was din is dinner" - hee hee. :)

    1. I had something else there for a long time, and then din came to me out of the blue, and I knew it was the right thing to say. What a relief!

  5. Good luck with Madness -- your rhymes are pure Happy-ness!

  6. Fab last line to an adorable poem! Congrats on your suave victory!

  7. What a great little rhyming poem, Donna. I wish you well on your madness poetry journey.

  8. Your poem has all the energy of a sunny, cloudless spring day. Thank you for sharing it!


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