It's time for the amazing Madness! Poetry, a time of writing poetry under the constraints of word assignment (the words are ridiculously challenging), length of creation, and time restrictions (36 hours to create and submit - 36 hours to vote on each bout).  The 64 competitors eventually - beginning of June - pare down to a single winner of the Thinkier Award!

Here's my poem I submitted as an entry for Ed DeCaria, the creator/mastermind of Madness! Poetry.  It got me a seat in Round 1!  Let's hope the words flow for Tuesday, when the bout begins for RJ Clarken and me! 


Demons be within our brains
Prodding us to wax inane;
Inventing verse and astute stanza
With words like dame ‘n’ extravaganza!
Oh, to live as those who’re sane, or
To be at one with life mundaner.
But no… the sobriquet of poet
Is our lot, and we all know it.
Polish pens, unearth slick paper,
Prepare for the wildest poetry caper!
This Madness comes but once a year,
We’re loco, though, for life, I fear.

By Donna JT Smith 4/18/2021

I hope you can join us in reading and voting on your favorite poems each time the new batch appears.  Watch for Becky Herzog and Heidi Mordhorst, too!!

Don't forget to log in to vote on all the poems!  

Meanwhile, Happy Poetry Friday!  Read more poems right now by visiting Bridget Magee at wee words for wee ones.


  1. How fun! Glad you are in it!

  2. Love it, Donna! It captures how I feel sometimes. Good for you for signing on for serious brain exercises. Good luck. And thanks for teaching me the meaning of sobrequet!

  3. Glad that you are still spreading the good news, Donna. Whew! What a ride-Hit the high road with your poems.

  4. Woo-hoo! Good luck with the competition, Donna! Your poem is brilliant!
    (I, too, had to look up "sobriquet"! :) )

  5. Good luck! I'm rooting for you!

  6. I certainly will be watching, Donna! Best wishes for moving through the ranks!

  7. So good! Rooting for you!

  8. Wonderful, Donna! You've got your groove on for sure...Can't wait to see this win round 1!

  9. That 'event' sounds like a real challenge - best of luck in your next bout!


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